Okay, so, um, I admit it I did it.

I slipped up, fell on channel 52, and watched “Making The Band 4.”

I mean, it was late, I was blogging, the remote was acting up and what not, and, well aw hell, I like the show, okay? I get pretty lax after midnight start popping bad TV shows like a 6-year-old does Now & Laters and Bubblelicious when the ˜rents aren't watching. I have to admit: I get a kick out of watching those Danity Kane girls struggle through a note crack up when the maniacal choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson channels Debbie Allen in Fame circa 1982, hollering and screaming and degrading the boys of Day26 like she read in a Tough Love manual somewhere that this was a good way to get grown ass men to shuffle like their Bad Boy contract depends on it.

Mostly, I just sit around waiting for Diddy to walk in the room and demand somebody hoof it over the Manhattan Bridge to get him some of Brooklyn's Finest Junior's Cheesecake with, of course, the strawberry topping.

Alas, nobody had to scramble to Kings County, the Danity Kane chicks are all broken up Laurie wasn't around to mete out her day-long dance torture session. Instead, the drama came when one of the Day26 guys, Will, informed the crew that his 3-year-old son was coming to stay with them in their new digs for a few days.

Um, newsflash: They didn't take too kindly to the prospect of having the kid, nicknamed Hurricane Kavion because he's got quite the bad ass reputation, running all through a house with five men and no woman around to just, like, handle that.

I stuck around waiting for hilarity to ensue and then covered my mouth and prepared for what I was sure was going to turn into one of the wild and ridiculous parenting episodes recently chronicled by my dude Naked With Socks On.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

Instead of compete ghetto chaos, what “Making The Band 4” ended up showing me in the scenes between Willie and his cutie pie son was tenderness a father who truly cared for his son, and was not only capable of doing a good job raising him, but relished in it. The show showed Willie feeding his child, helping him brush his teeth, reading to him, and leading him through his prayers, and then laying down next to his child staring lovingly into Kevion's face until the baby fell asleep.

And when it was time for Willie to hand his baby off to his mother, the love between father and son was palpable my heart ached when he kissed his child good-bye and explained over and over again why he couldn't go with him, but that he loved him and would miss him. The look in Willie's eyes as he watched his son leave just hurt me.

In those few scenes, I saw tenderness, responsibility, beauty the love I know plenty black men to have for their children. That sweet, special, thriving, true black love. The kind that is so rarely shown on TV that I have to recall “The Cosby Show” and Cliff and Theo Huxtable to reference prior solid, loving relationships between a black man and his child. A show from 20 years ago.


So thank you, Willie, for showing me something I just didn't expect to see at 1 a.m. on “Making The Band 4.”

Pop culture nutrition.

Loves it.

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  1. theArthurClan

    That photo of daddy and son just brought tears to my eyes ~ you can just feel the love pouring out of the photo Denene. So beautiful!

  2. I admit I’ve been watching the show from the beginning. I’m not a huge Diddy fan but I respect what he is doing.

    It was wonderful to see a father with his son and how the other men in the house really did get along with the little boy. It touched my heart when the boy was leaving and he hugged one of the guys and the guy pulled his shirt down in the back to straighten him out. I immediately said “awwwwww”.

    Goes to show, all young guys aren’t neccessarily dead beats. Willie is trying to provide a good life for his son. I wish him the best of luck.

    Can’t wait to see what’s going to become of Danity Kane. Maybe they’ll all be solo artists.

  3. I haven’t seen the show, but I’m happy to know that positive images of black fatherhood are getting exposure.

  4. That’s my show, and I ain’t shame to say it neithu (rollin my eyes and smacking my lips)…LOL! That was a great episode. There are many wonderful dads out there, and it’s nice to see one on reality TV. My favorite scene was when Willie was praying w/ his li’l cutie-pie son…aawww!

  5. Justice Fergie

    wow! impressive. i abandoned MTB long ago but i’m glad to see it’s not all drama and foolishness. yay MTV.

    now have you seen Drag Race on Style channel? check that out at holla at me.

  6. Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    I don’t watch the show but the picture was priceless. You can see the love between the two of them.

  7. I so enjoyed reading your post and watching this show. True tenderness between man and child. Thank you for reminding us what a great show it was. I was even happy to see Willy being quite respectful to Kavion’s mother as well. Score one for the good daddies crew!

  8. I haven't watched this season, but I too take a peak from time to time. Having worked in the industry it REALLY cracks me up.

    Nice to hear that something positive didn't end up on the cutting room floor. Thanks for sharing…

    Winks & Smiles,

  9. Oh man you beat me to it! I watch Making the Band every week ever since the beginning!! I LOVE the show, haha and that episode seriously made my cry! haha. I’m a dork I know but I always watch the show with my husband and during the scenes with Willie and his son my heart just ached!! :o)

    Great post! I may write about it too although now comparing it to this one it’ll be way weak!

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