At the top of 2009, I told you about my girl Kimberly Seals Allers over at The Mocha Manual, the hot new online destination for moms of color. She's been doing the doggone thing, using her popular maternity book, The Mocha Manual To A Fabulous Pregnancy, to inspire, teach, advocate for, and honor moms of color on her new site. The Mocha Manual is Kimberly's baby her passion and she's working hard over there to create a space that not only speaks to us, but fulfills her incredible entrepreneurial spirit.

And now, to celebrate her second book, The Mocha Manual To Turning Your Passion Into Profit, she's about to show us how we, too, can, well, turn our passion into profit. On March 14th, she'll be hosting the Get Your Plan B boot camp a series of workshops designed to help people like you and me start or grow a small business with less time, effort, and money. Workshops include, The Essential 8: The Skills Every Business Owner Needs For Success, Brand Building, Marketing and PR on a Shoestring Budget, Online Marketing for Newbies, and even one-on-one business coaching and strategy sessions for folks who've decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

All sessions, save for the free Where To Start session, are $24; discounts are available if you purchase a day-long pass. And though you can attend Kimberly's business bootcamp live in New York City, she's arranged for online access so that those of us who tend to stick close to home on Saturdays can watch it live via the internet.

Hey, in this kind of economy, in which job security is about as sure as snow in Nigeria, it certainly wouldn't hurt each of us to craft a Plan B for figuring out how to start our own small businesses. We moms are doing it; the question is how well are we doing it? I'm not mad at some insider tips on how to turn my passion into profit.

For more information about Kimberly's boot camp, click HERE. Or register by clicking the button below.

Have a fabulous weekend, kids!

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  1. Kimberly is truly doing her thing. She’s an inspiration. I’m hoping Ladies Who Launch will feature her soon. I’ll be checking out the boot camp.

  2. Yep, this book is on my Wish List. I’ll have to remember to check in for the boot camp. There is no such thing as too much advice!!

  3. Arlice Nichole

    The Mocha Manual is one of my favorite sites, and I have heard about the “Get Your Plan B” boot camp. In fact, it’s on my list of topics to blog about for next week. I think it’s fabulous that those not living in NYC can participate. However, I have to work on this day. Boo! I battled a storm to get this book at a Borders three counties away from me because I was impatient. I didn’t want to wait for the ordered copy to be delivered to my local Borders. This book is fab, I’m currently reading it and I’m almost finish.

    When given the chance, please stop by my place. I have something for you. 🙂


  4. joanofalltrades

    Thanks for sharing! Love the Mocha Manual!

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