My God, this is practically the first time in three days that I've taken a breath felt my heart beat at a normal, human pace.

This is B-I-G, considering the B-I-G thing that set my heart aflutter on Friday.

Oprah. Was. Reading. My. Words.

On. Her. Show.

Had. The. Pages. Tabbed. With. Sticky. Notes.

And. Said. She. Loved. The. Book.

The book with thoughts I collected from comedian Steve Harvey, and turned into Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, the best selling tome that's been at the top of the New York Times Hardcover Advice Best Seller's List for the past four weeks.

Steve, for whom I wrote “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” did an incredible job, breaking down for Oprah, Gail, and all those who were watching what women need to do to take back our power, make our relationships stronger, and get the guys we deserve. And she even invited him back for a chat with an all-female audience, so he'd have more time to break it down so it'll forever be broke.

I'm so proud of Steve.

And so humbled by the attention and love Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man has gotten, everywhere from The Today Show and The Wall St. Journal to and super addictive blogs like Renaissance Black Woman.

Yup, this book, which I’ve written about HERE a few times on MyBrownBaby, is quite the bees knees.

But don't just take Oprah's word for it you really ought to try it out for yourself. And who am I to deny MyBrownBaby readers a chance to do just that? I've got three THREE! copies of Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, for three lucky MyBrownBaby readers autographed by moi! Here's how you can win:

1. If you didn't get a chance to see Steve on Oprah on Friday, check out the recap on Oprah's website HERE, and then come back and leave a comment on MyBrownBaby about which of Steve's revelations was most surprising to you.

2. Follow MyBrownBaby, or subscribe via email or RSS feed. Be sure to leave a comment telling me you did so.

3. Fav MyBrownBaby on Technorati or rate MyBrownBaby on Top Sista sites, then leave a comment saying you did so.

4. Blog about this giveaway on your blog or website, and link back to MyBrownBaby.

5. Put MyBrownBaby's button on your blog or website

There you are: Five chances of winning an autographed, bestselling book! This contest closes on Wednesday, March 11. It is available to United States addresses only. Winners, drawn via, will be announced on Thursday, March 12. I will email all winners for their addresses; winners will have three days to respond, but if I don't hear from you, the next lucky entrant will get your book, so answer a sistah's email with the info to guarantee your winnings.

And speaking of winnings: There are some lucky folks who won some great prizes in the last three MyBrownBaby giveaways. And the winners are:

Blacktating win's the lovely set of frames from the Kisha's Kids giveaway.

And Gina over at Queen Rabbit’s Realm wins the $50 Home Depot “Dream” Card giveaway, in honor of the soon-to-be Center For Civil and Human Rights.

Scottsgal, Mindy and Divaqueenie each win Coraline: A Visual Companion, by Stephen Jones, and Liane66 wins the novel, “Coraline,” by Neil Gaiman. Each of you also gets a super-cutie 3-D cardboard replica of Coraline's house and front yard fun for the kiddies. Send me your addys so I can ship these puppies on to you.

Congrats to all the winners!

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  1. Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    I would love to win one of the books! I’m already a follower to your blog and it’s great! I love it!

    Congratulations on doing such a kick butt job as an author. May you have many, many more successes!

  2. gone and do the damn thing girl!!! So proud of you and what you are accomplishing. I saw that show and Steve Harvey did a great job. I want to purchase a copy for my sister because she attracts the worse sort of men.

    Congrats and may this be just the beginning.

  3. So when are you going to write, “Act Like a Man, Think Like a Woman.” My life would be much improved if I could better understand who women thought about things.

  4. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    CC and Yvonne: Thanks for the congrats–it means the world to me!

    Mocha Dad: That WOULD be a helluva book… but would you guys buy it? Or read it? Or take ANY of the advice? Just curious…

  5. What an incredible moment in your life! I’m so very happy for you and proud of you. Please don’t enter me in the drawing- I plan to buy the book to contribute to your sales. Congratulations on your inspiring success, I accidentally erased Friday’s Oprah from my Tivo but I will head over to catch it online.

  6. GYF Executive Director

    Congratulations, Denene. We are so incredibly proud of you!! I can’t wait for book #18!!!

  7. WOO HOO!!!! SO proud of you Denene!!

  8. Congrats to you – how exciting!!! 🙂


  9. technorati

  10. You know I emailed you mid-Oprah last Friday because I was hopping up and down on my couch with excitement! I am so happy for you! You continue to inspire great things in me, and I tell ya…your “Rock Star” status is growing like a muuug!!!

  11. Look at you, look at you… and Steve too, but girl, LOOK. AT. YOU! Congratulations on all the good things that are happening with the book. Somehow, I feel like this is just the beginning. Wouldn’t that be funny if somehow, this book ended up being some kind if sitcom, lol? In todays reality tv culture, I can see it, lol.

    Congrats again… I am gonna have to to Oprah’s site to see what Steve had to say.

  12. Congratulations Denene!!! Fantastic job! You so ROCK!

    Mama Shujaa

  13. Denene, you have always been great in my book, this is just more frosting on the cake. Keep doing big things lady:)


  14. Oh wow!! This is completely amazing! I love Oprah, I love you, it’s the best combination! :o) I am following you and have your button!! About to Tweet right now!

  15. Congrats, Denene! I caught most of the show and was so happy for you – smiles. I already have the book – I got a copy down at Steve's Disney Dreamers Academy a couple of weeks ago – and I already follow your blog so I don't need to take away someone else's chance at winning. Just wanted to give you a cyber fist-bump and a loud YOU GO WITH YOUR BAD SELF!

    Winks & Smiles,

  16. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again! I wanna be like you when I grow up. 🙂 Much respect my sister, much respect!

    Now should I be greed and try to win another copy… Awwww what the heck…I know plenty of women who could use it!

    Btw- I didn’t follow u for extra credit. I had planned on doing that anyway, but hadn’t had the time.

  17. Arlice Nichole

    Denene! How wonderful for you! You are the… but I knew that way back in my early college days. Oprah?! OPRAH?!

  18. Denene, it’s so rare that I get a chance to catch Oprah on Friday, but I saw the broadcast with Steve Harvey and I was thinking the entire time–is Denene in the audience? Is she ready to burst from seeing her book on Oprah? And then when Oprah said she has to have Steve back on the show because there wasn’t enough time to talk about everything, I was thinking, “Damn right Oprah–no way you can give this book a mini-segment; it deserves its own hour-long show! I am truly happy for you girl–you are blessed and highly favored!:)

  19. I am absolutely in love with this book!!! MUST READ. Thank you for spreading the word!

  20. That is so exciting – what a thrill to have Oprah say they love your book! Congrats and way to go!

  21. Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I don’t even want to be entered in the contest, because I want to buy this book. I am so, incredibly proud of you, lady! I’m beaming from ear to ear right now — smiling so hard, you’d think it was me on Oprah! I am just so happy for you! You go girl!

  22. Christie-A Work In Progress

    GURL! You know I was thinking about you the whole time and wondering why Steve didn’t take you to the show too! LOL! So proud of you my friend!

  23. Conner Coaching


    The book is great – I read it in one day and recommended it to all my friends – married and single! Everyone has run out and bought it… you can see since it’s #1!!!!
    Thanks for the wisdom and insight.


  24. mama's got moxie

    i don’t know a thing about “the bees knees” (haha) but wow, how very exciting!! you’ve inspired me to complete at least one of my 5 half-written manuscripts! 🙂 cheers to you, denene on your success!!!!

  25. Congratulations Denene!!

    How exciting! It doesn’t get any better than this. Please congratulate Mr. Steve Harvey for me the next time you see him. Wishing the two of you continued success.

    As a sign of respect, I tip my hat to you for doing what you’ve done with excellence.


  26. How awesome this is Denene. Though I’m late to the post, it’s great to get to learn about ya. You’re definitely an inspirational success.


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