This is M&M.

He’s a 23 cent goldfish.

In a bowl with accessories totaling $40, purchased for the 23-cent goldfish named M&M because the original bowl was much too small and M&M was way too lonely and plus, M&M really likes flowers and caves.

This is a picture of M&M three days after he came home from the party and moved into his new digs.


Thanks, Mari’s friend’s mom.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. mommaof4wife2r

    that is hilarious…i know it’s not suppose to be, but i love it…i am in a totally weird mood today. need more coffee, i guess!

  2. Awwwh! Poor baby :(. Did you let the new water sit for 24 hours? Fish have to adjust to their water.

    Well, it’s too late now.


  3. Not, “Thanks Mari’s friend’s mom. thanks a lot.” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, OMG Denene I am DONE. You are officially in the little red wagon headed to hell!

  4. Felicia - I complete Me

    This is truly sad. Gold fish die so easily. I’m so sorry. I actually prefer beta fish.

  5. GYF Executive Director

    This is sad, but oh so funny! I know, goldfish seem so fragile…particularly for little kids watching their every move!

  6. You know, I had to read this to Kris from my phone at IHOP this morning, because I could NOT stop laughing! Your personality bursts through your words and marches around like a grand parade everytime I read your posts. LOLOLOLOLOL!

  7. Ahahahahaha!!! Sorry, but the way you put it Denene…LOL! Too funny. What’s the name of those territorial fish that don’t suffer from loneliness and such….? I forget. But they come in different colors of the rainbow and they are said to be quite okay in water that has not sat for 24 hours. Mari’s friend’s mom would have been better off prolly with those… LOL!

  8. Jewelry Rockstar

    We got our youngest as one of her Christmas gifts this past year, and I’m thankful every time I wake up and he’s swimming around. He costs about $3.45, his tank was about $12.00. That was huge Christmas gift saving, got lots of bang for the buck on that one.

    Sorry yours didn’t last longer than five seconds.

  9. Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    is there anyway you can switch out the fish when Mari's not looking? Or maybe you can add a whole school of them. It's a pretty large bowl so she may not miss them if they slowly die off. May M&M rest in peace.

  10. Awww… I heard that goldfish don’t last very long.

  11. Aww, so sad. I agree, pets are not good party favors!

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