And this is exactly why I love me some Bernie Mac foul mouth, tart tongue, this is some bull brashness and all. I was on deadline yesterday had my Haribo gummy bears, Double Bubble bubble gum, my MacBook, and the remote, and stumbled on an old episode of The Bernie Mac Show. Made me suspend time and laugh out loud, that fool had me wanting to hi-five his behind through the screen. His kids, you see, had brought on a serious case of momnesia, and Bernie was all jacked up over it:

I can't think no more they make my brain hot
It's like I got a George Forman grill in my head I gotta drain the grease
If they keep it up, I'm o loose my mind.
And I know they're gonna keep it up.
You know it too

His solution for overcoming hot brain? Well, his wife, Wanda, told him to write everything down, of course:

She's right: I just need a little help on keeping things straight
I'm not going to let those little devils kill my braincells, oh no.
See that's where technology come in.
(he holds up an electronic note thingamajig)
Check it out: It got a to-do list, a address book, and a section where I can write my little reminder notes, like, kill Jordan, and kill Vanessa tell baby girl her sister and brother ran away
Yeah I need to get that down.

Yeah, um, didn't work. Does it ever? Instead, Bernie tries to dull the pain his gas pain, his back pain, his brain pain, and his butt pain. And resigns himself to the fact that those damn kids will win every time.

Trying to fight on it makes you look foolish now go on America, I need to get my rest.

Okay, um seriously? Every time that man opened his mouth on that show, it was like he was taking notes in my house. Bump what you heard: Bernie Mac was, by far, one of the realest TV ˜rents on television funny, no nonsense, vulnerable, irrational, smart, hapless, incredibly introspective. Real.

I appreciate(d) that about him and his The Bernie Mac Show one of the few sitcoms my kids and I could sit down and watch together and laugh until our sides split. And we still consider even the re-runs must-see TV.

Miss you, Bernie. Thanks for the good times.

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  1. Rue - Outdoor Afro

    We definitely lost a great one…I remember his clowning on Kings of Comedy about not having his own show…and look what happened. Thanks for the reminder Denene.

  2. Thanks for your kind words about my silhouette post.

    I’ve been enjoying perusing your extraordinaire-ally beautiful blog. The Claire Huxtable post had me nodding my head in agreement, totally relating, and tearing up. The recent maternity photos post had me gasping in awe – she was a resplendantly beautiful pregnant woman!

    Blessings to you…

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Bernie Mac show. He’s so REAL…and hilarious at that. “I’ma kill one of dem kids!”

    When my husband and I have kids, I can just imagine how Bernie Mac-like he’s going to be. We’re from GA and we’ve lived in UT for the past 5 years and can’t stand how people just let their children run around acting BAD.

    We won’t be pushover parents, that’s for sure. “Show some respect!” 🙂

  4. Felicia - I complete Me

    I too miss Bernie Mac. Every time I see something with him in it I just think man, way to soon. My Mother-in-Law has the same disease he has and she is doing really good for now. But it scares me and her, because so many people with it has died.

  5. Kiss my black ads

    I love BM too!!! And you’re gonna love this you…. are… the… WINNER!!! YOU WON THE BANANA REPUBLIC GIVE-AWAY!!!!

  6. kiss my black ads

    Can you please email me directly; craig (at) .
    We ned to know where to send.

  7. Aw I miss Bernie.. He was a truly gifted actor – hilarious and cool…

  8. We really love that show in my house and my daughters tell their dad ALL the time that he is like Bernie Mac. VERY REAL. Hard to believe he is no longer with us huh? Have a great day 🙂

  9. What a talent…He is missed.

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