Honest to goodness, I’d pay top dollar for just an ounce of Tara Pringle Jefferson’s energy. The wife and mommy of two is one of the hardest working bloggers on the set, keeping up interesting and insightful discussion on her The Young Mommy Life, even as she holds down a full-time job and contributes regularly to the lovely site, Black and Married With Kids. She is a self-proclaimed lover of the written word–admits that she’s wanted to be a writer since the day she learned that “B comes after A and C comes after B.” But it’s her passion for giving voice to the 20-something mom experience that caught my attention; she, along with the extraordinary Akilah of Execumama and Future Mama of Baby Makin(g) Machine, really do a fantastic job of laying claim to the joys, fears, and frustration of being young parents and parents-to-be, even in an age where 20-somethings hardly ever get a chance to have their say in the parenting debate. Indeed, just last week, Tara wrote a controversial post about how her doctor refused to tie her tubes after she had her second child, arguing that she was too young to make such a permanent decision for herself; I admired her insistence that naysayers recognize she’s a grown woman with a husband, kids, a mortgage, and the right to exercise her reproductive rights. “Popular culture would love for you to believe that young, smart, responsible moms don't exist,” she writes on The Young Mommy Life. “But they do. I'm proof.” Love. Her. You will to. Check out what goes on in this young mommy’s life:

My name is Tara Pringle Jefferson.

I live in a lovely part of Ohio where LeBron James lives. (It's a great time to be a Cavs fan.)

My brown babies are so magically delicious. My daughter, Ayanna, 2.5, and son, Thomas Jr., almost 1, both have the same chubby cheeks, big eyes and nibble-worthy button noses.

I make a living in the nonprofit world by day. By night, I transform into freelance writer mama extraordinaire.

The last time my kids cracked me up was… when my daughter refused to hand me the Vaseline until I admitted it was petroleum jelly “ yes, my daughter knows the difference between store brands and name brands.

The last book I read with my kids was “Pooh and Piglet.” I think my son looks like Pooh.

My favorite place to take them is the grocery store. We go every weekend and I point out all the fruits and vegetables and whatever they want out of that section, they can get. If they want to try zucchini, or eggplant, or rhubarb, I'll let them.

My proudest mom moment was when I introduced my daughter to her new baby brother in the hospital and she was (and still is) the best big sister I could have asked for. She held him gently, gave him the nickname “Chubby Boy,” and watched over him every second he was awake.

My most embarrassing mommy moment was the time when my daughter peed all over the mechanic's desk at the auto repair shop.

The thing I most want my children to know is there are no limits. Do what you love and you will be a success.

The one family tradition I hope my kids continue when they grow up is cooking in the kitchen. I love having my daughter pull up a chair and my son in his high chair and I talk to them while I cook.

If I could invent one thing to make being a mom easier, it would be a Mommy needs a break remote. When your kids are climbing up your last nerve and you need to get out the house before SOMEONE gets hurt, just press the little Me-time button. Time freezes and you have one hour to do whatever you wish. Hit the button again and time resumes.

The best invention for kids ever is the fruit punch juice boxes where the juice is CLEAR. I no longer freak about purple and red stains on my gray carpet. Hallelujah!

The kid snack I'm most likely to get busted eating is not a kid snack but banana baby food? DEE-licious. Yum.

The most important life lesson I want my kids to learn is they have a responsibility to give back. Whether it's giving of their time, money or talent, they have to look out for those less fortunate.

The one thing no one knows about me is I'm the biggest nerd you'll ever meet. I get excited about new fonts. I read more than any one person should.

The thing I lost as a mom that I wish I could get back is my pre-baby boobs, if we're talking physical. Other than that, I'd love to get my energy back.

My I'd Rather Be bumper sticker would sayI'd Rather Be Reading. I'm kind of low-key in that way.

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  1. Lamar and Ronnie @ Blackandmarriedwithkids

    Tara is great! She’s a major part of our site and we appreciate the voice that she lends soooo much. She’s also a great writer and we can tell from her posts a great mom. Great pick for Mom of the Week.

  2. What an inspiration. Shoot, I’d like her energy back too. (And the Me-time button.)

  3. Go Tara! Go Tara! LOL! Yes, Denene, I’m a Young Mommy Life fan myself! Tara is truly inspirational and serves as a constant reminder that it (whatever “it” may be for each of us) can be done, even with brown babies in tow.

  4. Renée aka Mekhismom

    Love getting to know one of the bloggers that I admire.

  5. joanofalltrades

    Tara sounds like an awesome mom! I like eating baby food too……shhh!

  6. Lisa Maria Carroll

    What a great article about Tara. I enjoy her posts on BMWK and TYML. I’ve lost touch with my mommy bloggers recently, but it sounds like I need to pay her a visit.

  7. Arlice Nichole

    That’s my girl!!! We live right down the street from one another and came out of the same college. I hope you all get to meet this fly mama in person some day! Not only is she a great writer and devoted mom, she’s an awesome friend too!

    I get such a kick over the hilarious moments with your daughter!

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