The babies want to know if Michael Jackson went to Heaven.

If his soul went right away, or if it's gonna take a few days.

If he can still think, even when his body doesn't work anymore.

If his skin and hair and nose will look like that when he meets God, or if they'll all go back to the way God made them. Brown and thick and full.

If he'll sing for the angels, and if so, which song (because he had a lot of them).

Maybe Never Can Say Goodbye.

Or I”ll Be There.”

“Can't Help It.

“Rock With You”

Or Remember the Time.

Do you think his children know he died?

His mom is probably really sad, huh?

Sad like you? Or more?

How long are you going to listen to Michael Jackson songs, Mommy?

Aren't you tired of them yet?

Are you going to play his songs forever?

Forever is a mighty long time, babies.

And no matter the rumors, the controversy, the quirkiness, his music is worth that much.

Respect, Michael.

For your talent. Your grace. Your musical beauty.

Your gift.

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  1. T.Allen-Mercado

    Bravo. Respect, indeed.

  2. Very well said. I have a friend who says she doesn't understand all the fuss over the loss of Mike and wishes we would just move on. She said she doesn't like Mike. I replied by explaining to her that she doesn't have to like Michael, but she must respect him and his gift. Respect has nothing to do with like, its all about acknowledging the greatness and incomparable gift that a person possesses, and so all must RESPECT.

  3. Exactly. How many of us still actually "liked" Michael over the past decade? But how many of us can deny being amazed by his magical talent in the 1980's, especially when he stepped on the stage 25 years ago at the Motown 5th Anniversary? It would be like judging Michael Jordan's basketball career by those unfortunate years at the end with the Wizards, rather than all those championships with the Bulls…

  4. This was nice. I'm still in MJ mode too. I think I will be for a while. He has touched my life with his music forever.

  5. One thing is for sure, he'll live on through all of us, no matter what's said, good or bad! Many blessings!

  6. Teresha and Damon

    Nicely put! No matter how we felt about him personally, he was a comet…a rare, once-in-a-lifetime occurence that blazed a trail in entertainment and touched many lives through his music and charity. God rest his soul.

  7. KS Media Photography

    Nice. Respect the man. Im going to make this a MJ summer!

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