My kids have only one more week before they head back to class, which means that somewhere between me shopping for school clothes and blowing a mint on Crayolas, #2 pencils, and notebooks, we have to get in our last licks on summer. Here, a few snapshots of the things we’ll be doing this weekend. (I suspect water guns, lady bugs, soccer balls, and barbeque will be involved.)

(And no, can’t nobody tell Teddy, our Goldendoodle, that he’s not one of the kids. Seriously. The girls have taken to calling him their “little brother.” Right.)

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Only one more week till school starts? That's a bummer. My kids don't start until after Labor Day. Enjoy your last week of summer!

  2. ~EssenseVibez~

    wow–i return to work {elementary school librarian} august 24th–and i cant wait to see my brown babiez faces when they all walk through the front door–so i have a few more weeks to relax and marvel with my remaining 2 month vacation {didnt mean to boast}–but its all good—you have the most beautiful brown babiez in this post–LOVE YOUR BLOG–it's amazing!!!!

  3. Hi, Denene it's Askwifey's friend Ms.Wanda:) How are you glad your back safe. She said you had an awesome time and clearly the pictures say it all! I'm definitely going to the next blogger conference, I think:)
    Your girls are beautiful and I know what you mean school is fast approaching, yikes! I've got one going to middle school and I'm trying to remain calm but, man I can't understand where 11 years went! Alright talk to you soon, can't wait to meet you:)

  4. Seriously, I need a camera like yours!! Those photos are freakin ah-may-zingg!! I shopped early for my girls for back-to-school so I got the cheapest deals out there. I am one of those super-freaky bargain finders 😉 Have fun during this last leg of Summer!

  5. Ahhh, the end of summer. I know, I can feel it coming on, too. I still have to go collect rock with Imaara so that we can paint them. I don't think the effect would be quite the same in the fall.

  6. Latrice Fowler

    Fun in the sun…great pictures…

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