I had some dear friends over for dinner last night, and while I was cooking collards, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, fried corn, and Nick’s smokin’ smoked ribs I was rocking out to the “Genius” mix on my iTouch, and stumbled across a beautiful poem that I’d never heard before. The piece, a prelude to the title track on Dwele’s album, Some Kinda, implores us parents to encourage/coax/threaten/expect the best out of our children, because they just might be the next somebody special. I found myself playing it over and over again, just to digest the words and really think about what I’m doing here in my home to encourage/coax/threaten/expect greatness from my kids. After awhile, I was floating through my kitchen, talking about, “You better preach, Dwele!” I’ve always loved this musician’s music, particularly his ability to tell a story and convey a message through his words. Check it out, enjoy!

And so it is
You're already one in a million before you take your first breath
Or see your very own personal some kinda
So keep on

And she will let you know daily
I brought you in and I will take you out
But she won't, though
˜Cause she herself believes that you have your very own special some kinda that you can bless this world with one day
And that's fo' sho'
How the sayin' go?
Mama knows

If you are blessed with dance
And when you do with the concrete that holds your feet
Slides and adjusts with your every movement as though it's trying to keep you afloat
just to see what you gonna do next?
That might be your some kinda.

Keep on with your some kinda music, your some kinda art
Your seed might be the first president of your kind
When he or she gets here, don't give up
Nurture their some kindas

You may birth the next promoter of world peace
World, please,
in your lives, imitate this art that I have spoken

And keep on

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  1. I love it. It is both tentative and asertive in its message. The very words "some kinda" leave room for negotiation. Thanks for sharing my dear!!

    Mama Shujaa

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a great reminder for us mamas to keep on pushing.

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