Oh yeah MyBrownBaby is a finalist in the Black Weblog Awards! I’m up in two categories: Best Parenting and Family Blog, and Best Blog Design. This is a tremendous honor, considering how many wonderful and beautiful black blogs are out there in the blogosphere; I’m quite proud to be counted among the best of them, and I have each of you to thank. I put all my lil’ business on this blog, never sure if it will be accepted with the love, introspection, and respect in which it is given, only to awaken each morning to insight, support, and respect from you, my loyal readers. You motivate and inspire me to reach higher and be better and do it all fearlessly. Thank you for that!

I also thank you for your votes, which made me a Black Weblog Awards finalist.

Now, I need you to do me another solid: Swing on over the Black Weblog Awards and vote for your girl one mo’ gin. This time, your vote will go toward bringing a huge and prestigious honor to MyBrownBaby an honor for which I will be most grateful. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to vote, give your name and email addy, and vote for MyBrownBaby in the “Best Blog Design” category and the “Best Parenting and Family Blog” category. PLEASE be sure to validate your vote by clicking on the confirmation link that’ll be sent to your email addy; your vote will not be counted if you don’t validate and you can only vote once. I thank you in advance for your support.

You can vote through August 31, 2009, but I would really appreciate it if you just clicked on over and voted today. Like right now. While it’s on your mind.


Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. you got my vote and I have validated it 😉

  2. GYF Executive Director

    You definitely have my vote!!

  3. Tech Savvy Mama

    I voted and look forward to meeting you at Blogalicious!

  4. DONE! Good luck!

  5. I wish you the best of luck!!!

  6. I'd vote for you every day if I could. You deserve it girl!

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