Aw, sookie, sookie, now Miss D and MyBrownBaby are TOO excited about the wonderful news: Over the long weekend, MyBrownBaby won 2009 Black Weblog Awards in two categories Best Parenting and Family Blog, and Best Blog Design! I know I couldn’t have done this without you, my fantastic followers and subscribers, who helped log enough votes to help MyBrownBaby win over some stiff competition.

I’m absolutely thrilled by the news, and so glad to be counted as a winner among some fantastic websites and blogs, including some of my daily must-reads: spelhouseLOVE, which won the judges’ vote for best parenting and family blog, The Black Snob, Very Smart Brothas, Naked With Socks On, and Fresh Xpress.

*Insert picture of Denene doing The Running Man here.*

(Wait, I was never good at The Running Man. Like, ever. I was killer at The Wop, though. Could put a back out in a battle. Yeah, let’s go with that.)

*Insert picture of Denene doing The Wop. And a soul clap. To Eric B and Rakim’s “Eric B Is President.*

Oh yeah.

Click HERE to see the full list of 2009 Black Weblog Award Winners.

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  1. Krystel (

    Congratulations Denene…You definitely deserve it!


  3. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Wow! Congratulations! This is great news!!!

  4. Yay! Congrats and quite honestly I am not surprised! Keep doing your thing!!!

  5. Congrats, well deserved my dear!

  6. KS Media Photography

    Congrats. You a retarded too!!! I can totally see you doing the Whop and Nick doing the Running man. LMAO

  7. Go D! Go D! Go D!

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations on the awards!

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations, and thank you for the shout out. You are awesome.

  12. Congratulations!!! Now what's up with sister-in-law? Are there two winners in the house?

  13. Hooray! Great news! Many blessings.

  14. Yeah!!!!!! Congratulations!

  15. MelADramatic Mommy


  16. Christie-The ChatterBox

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved and I am so happy for you!

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