Don’t be mad.

I’m going to see my man… er, Maxwell, in concert with my other man… er, Common.

(Oh, and Chrisette Michelle will be there, too.)

Uh, huh my husband hooked it up.

Got me two tickets and a hotel room for my birthday (it’s Oct. 21, but I celebrate all month long… word.)

I just love me some Nick Chiles, particularly when he hooks me up with hot dates… er, concert tickets.

I get one ticket.

The other is for Angelou.

We’re going to be road trippin’ to North Cackalacky for the next two days to see the concert.

Yes, like my girl Akilah over at Execumama, I cross state lines for Max.

There will be lots of shenanigans on the way to the concert venue.

And especially when my man… er, Maxwell takes the stage.

Adult elixirs may be involved.

And I expect to thoroughly lose my mind when he leans into that mic and lets that falsetto loose.

And don’t get me started about what I might do when he gets to gyrating those hips.

Ha’. Mercy.

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

I’ll see you all on Thursday.


(P.S.: I know this ain’t got nan thing to do with babies or moms, but good grief, we gotta have our fun sometimes don’t we? )

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  1. Oh go on girl!! I wish it was me, but since it ain't you better soak up all the Maxwell and Common love that you can for the rest of us. Have a very happy birthday.

    ~ humps

  2. Gotta love me some Maxwell…

  3. GYF Executive Director


  4. I betta not hear of you tossing your panties up on the stage LOL

  5. Okay, how does this NOT have anything to do w/ moms or babies? This is how babies get made! I vote this as your BEST POST EVER, purely based on visual appeal! That's a good look on Nick's part! Happy early Birthday, hun! His concerts are soul-stirring, and well worth crossing all kindsa lines, state and otherwise 🙂 ENJOY, ladies!!!!!!!

  6. They were just here in Nashville and my hubby got tix for my bday… Lets just say I'm sure it was some more baby making going on for plenty of folks, so I guess indirectly it does have to do with babies…LOL!

    Oh, please don't sleep on my girl Chrisette, so set it off as always.


  7. the man can sing…and he's a great "show". wow. i'm jealous…but have fun!

  8. Okay I confess: I am so hatin' on you right now. But it's all in love, gurl!:)

  9. Wow! mmpphh! HAVE FUN!!!!

  10. This is not usually me but I am simply J.E.A.L.O.U.S. 🙂

  11. One of my long standing dreams was to attend Maxwell concerts. . I know all the words of his songs by heart …well he is performing this year. Next weekend Im going to visit my sister and we will attend Maxwell concert; I've just compared tickets prices at
    OMG I cant wait til I see Maxwell live!!!

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