Oh yeah this is the weekend that the super smart, super cutie, super sweet women of MamaLaw bring their inaugural Blogalicious conference to Atlanta. Bloggers of color and the bloggers who love them will travel from far and wide to meet, party, and exchange experiences and ideas with one another for the three-day event, which kicks off tonight at The W Atlanta Midtown. Justice Fergie, Justice Ny, and Justice Jonesie promise their conference will combine “all of the things that you love about blogging with the added element of face-to-face interactions and the intimacy of ‘IRL’ relationships. At Blogalicious 2009, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll let your hair down. It will be just like blogging… only better.”

I can’t wait to meet up with my people, hang out at the parties (and after parties!), and, of course, exercise my brain at the break-out and keynote sessions they’ve got lined up; I’m speaking on Saturday’s “Mom 2.0” panel with Ronnie of BlackandMarriedWithKids and Ms. Latina of LatinaOnAMission, and on Sunday, I’ll be talking author stuff and reading from one of my books at the brunch.

The conference is sold out GO MAMALAW!!! but there are still party passes for all of the evening events. And if you can’t make it to those either, don’t worry: I’ll be back next week with the blow-by-blow.

Have a fantastic weekend I know I will!

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  1. Yaay! I'm sure I'll benefit from all this brilliant feminine energy even though I won't be in attendance! I'll be partying in spirit though 🙂 Looking forward to your post-shindig blow-by-blow! Break a leg on that panel!

  2. I know you're going to have tons of fun. I only wish I could join in. Looking forward to the updates!

  3. I had the fortunate opportunity to interview the ladies of "MamaLaw," and I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the hot topics to be covered! I'm going to be there next year dang it! LOL

    Can you send a sistah an educational pamphlet or two?…or three or four LOL!

  4. Pink & Green Mama

    Have a blast!! I can't wait for you to come back and show and tell : )

  5. Pink & Green Mama

    Have a blast!! I can't wait for you to come back and show and tell : )

  6. Pink & Green Mama

    Have a blast!! I can't wait for you to come back and show and tell : )

  7. I wish I could be there!!! Well, have a cocktail for me, and then come back and TELL ALL!!!!!

  8. I'm soooo jealous!! Hope you're having fun!

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