Editor’s note: CONGRATULATIONS, BLAQBUTTERFLY you’re the winner of the DJ Hero Bundle Giveaway, courtesy of MyBrownBaby and Sprite! Thanks to everyone who participated; the contest is now closed.

So I was in the Best Buy the other day, ticking off a few presents on my Christmas list and sweating the new purple iPod nano with video capabilities when I heard a devastating mix of Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine” over the hot beat from The Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” Every bone in my body wanted to rail against it; who would dare mess with the integrity of Marvin’s “Grapevine?” But it sounded so darn gooood with all the mixing and scratching. And I couldn’t help but to move it just a little.

Okay, a lot.

After a quick investigation through the aisles, I stumbled across a Best Buy guy working it out on the DJ Hero 1s and 2s, the new Activision game that’s all the rage for Christmas this year. Think Guitar Hero, but way cooler, especially if you appreciate the poetry dee-jays create when they’re working the wheels of steel. For sure, I gave it a whirl, but sadly, Spinderella I am not. I think with a little practice, though, I could be kinda dope with it or at least look good trying.

And so can you if you win this super duper giveaway! The company that makes one of my favorite crisp, non-caffeinated soft drinks is teaming up with MyBrownBaby to give away one copy of Xbox DJ Hero Bundle, including the game and turntable. That’s right: Get your Eric B./Jam-Master Jay/Kid Capri/Funkmaster Flex on, courtesy of MyBrownBaby and Sprite!

How do you win? Really simple:

1. FOLLOW OR SUBSCRIBE via email to MyBrownBaby, and leave a comment saying you are.
2. In comments, shout out your favorite club song ever the one that makes you kick off your shoes and dance like a lunatic every time.

3. TWEET “I’m trying to get on the DJ Hero wheels of steel courtesy of @mybrownbaby and Sprite! http://shar.es/aDdFJ” (you can tweet up to four times for four separate extra entries.)

This contest ends December 31, 2009 at 11:59 p.m., and is open to MyBrownBaby subscribers/followers in the continental U.S. and Canada. The winner will be chosen via Random.org and announced on January 2, 2010. You must leave your contact information to collect your prize. A 360i representative will conduct prize fulfillment. (Note: MyBrownBaby received neither compensation nor goods for this giveaway I just thought it’d be fun to let one of my readers get their deejay on.)

Also, MyBrownBaby readers can go to My Coke Rewards® to enter to win instantly a brand new Xbox 360 Entertainment System (2 winners per day) and Activision'sâ„¢ DJ Hero (2 winners per hour). Just type in the code found on specially-marked multipacks of Sprite®/Sprite Zeroâ„¢ up to 2 times each day until 12/31/09 at 11:59 p ET for a chance to win instantly. Remember: You must have a My Coke Rewards® account and be at least 13-years-old to win. Membership is free and no purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited. For official rules including odds, alternate method of entry and prize descriptions, click HERE.

Good luck!

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  1. I am following and subscrbing.

    Bricks Stat.

    Fav Club songs

    De Rocawilda- Method and Redman
    and Baby Got Back- Sir Mix alot

  2. I am following and subscribing.

    Favorite club song is:
    Put your hands where my eyes could see-Busta Rhymes

  3. Hey, what a great prize, my husband is a DJ and a nightclub owner WOW, he would love this prize.

    I am subcribed to your email feeds.
    brownatural at gmail dot com

  4. My favorite dancing club hit is Bob Marley ~ Get Up Stand Up when you're pointing your finger up in the air dancing at the same time. LOL!!! 🙂

  5. BBD's "Poison" rocks the house.

  6. subscriber
    My favorite club song is juveniles Back that thing up!

  7. 3 Boys and an Old Lady

    I follow & subscribe.
    Fave club song "Back II Life" by Soul 2 Soul


  8. We're following, subscribed & tweeted!

    Favorite club jam…Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two" no doubt!


  9. Ok so I would love to win this but don't have a favorite club song per se….just throw me in a club with some Chicago house music (you really can't define any song titles *haha*) and I will be on the dance floor all night sweating it out!

  10. I'm a follower now.

    Favorite club song – yikes. I that's a tough one. There are several that I love… but think I'll go with Ice Ice Baby.

  11. I follow on MyBrownBaby and my favorite song is… D-Train's "Keep On"

  12. The Coupon Sista

    I currently follow and subscribe to your blog. Not really a clubber but I love Mary Mary's Shackles- makes me dance every time!

  13. I am following MyBrownbaby. My favorite song is song is BBD's Poison. I would love that DJ Hero.

  14. The macarina!just have to join in and make a fool of myself every time!

  15. Following via Google Friend Connect!

  16. Song? "The Roof is on Fire"!

  17. I'm following with google friend connect and right now I'm loving Bad Romance.


  18. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    This message is from Jocelyn C., who had a bit of trouble posting her comment—so I'm helping her out:

    My favorite club song of all time is Padlock by Gwen Guthrie. And my favorite lines are:

    C'mon hit the road Jack and I'll help you pack
    If you leave right away, it will make my day
    Don't wanna see you 'cause I don't need you
    No, no, no, no.

    No matter where I am or what mood I'm in, if I hear that song it is on.

    That's the best club jam ever.


  19. I follow and subscribe. One of my favorite dance songs is Beyonce's Single Ladies.

    sweetmissa at gmail dot com

  20. My favorite club song is wipe me down. Get's me up everytime.

  21. Subscriber/Follower

    Fave Jam- How do you want it by TUPAC!!
    "Your body is banging baby..I love the way you flaunt it..time to give to daddy suga…now tell me how you want it"?


  22. Hello!

    I'm subscribed, and TWEETED the message…..

    My favorite club song (too many to choose from!)

    Would either be the classic Nuttin' but a "G" Thang by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg

    or Einstein by Tech N9NE

  23. Hello!

    I'm subscribed, and TWEETED the message…..

    My favorite club song (too many to choose from!)

    Would either be the classic Nuttin' but a "G" Thang by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg

    or Einstein by Tech N9NE

    contact info-syndicatesaints@ hotmail dot com

  24. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    I follow and my favorite club song is still…"Hey, Mr. DJ"

  25. A song that always makes me get up and dance is "baby got back" by sir mix a lot.


  26. I follow and I love Brown Eyed Girl


  27. I follow and wow favorite dance song… I have no idea… but how can you not dance to Dont Cha..

  28. 1. I subscribe via email.
    fionen_ftw @ fionen dot com

    2. I can't resist The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name.

  29. I am a brand new follower on google friend connect.

    2. I always go crazy for Shakira . Her song "Dirty". Gets me every time. lol.

    Thank you .

  30. I forgot to leave my email above..


    and.. I follow you on twitter.
    Twitter name: fokxxy

    and tweeted. http://twitter.com/fokxxy/status/7250200972

  31. I follow on google connect and subscribe via email!

    Favorite club song ever is Justin Timberlake remix "love stoned"!


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