Okay, so maybe I was being a wee-bit dramatic last week when I posted about how giddy I was that the kids were back at school after a loooooong holiday break. Well, not really but still. There were some bright spots to Mari and Lila’s 15-day torture… er, vacation. Specifically, the two of them figured out how to let their creative juices flow and make a little cash (read: hustle Nick, me, Mazi, and anyone else with a dollar) while doing it. Both my girls opened craft “stores” in their rooms (after I banished them there, of course) Lila, a sewing shop, at which she made and sold for $1 skirts, tops, and dresses for her Barbie dolls; Mari, an art shop in which she sold handmade-to-order bookmarks, pictures, and poetry, starting at 50 cents a pop. I think I must have spent at least a good $15 between the two “businesses” so much that by the end of the week, I was scraping loose change from the bottom of my purse to pay for this poem Mari whipped up. It was worth every, dust- and gum-covered coin I handed over for it, for sure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


by Mari Chiles

All of Earth is a beautiful creation

So many lively things inside of it

animals, electricity, and of course human kind

A masterpiece of artwork from the gods.

But there are also bad things going on/on the wonderful planet we call Earth.

There are harmful things like global warming.

There are harmful things going on to other people, like war.

If everyone could get along, how much of a better place would this planet be?

Well, let’s try it out and see!

How lucky are we to have human kind?

But some people probably don’t even mind!

Go ahead, try it out yourself

look at how much it helps

just to care.

All of Earth is a wonderful and beautiful creation.

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  1. I'll buy a poem! The price is great, and I'm sure the value will appreciate as she continues to shine brilliantly in this world!

  2. Teresha@Marlie and Me

    She has a way with prose, she's a regular Nikki Giovanni!

  3. Your girls are very creative. In 08 I was suckered into becoming a silent partner/investor in one of my girls' summer businesses in which they were creating handmade jewelry to sell in the neighborhood. Needless to say, they made up a number of really cute pieces and then decided to keep them for themselves and close up shop even before it opened. Next time I know better! lol

    Love the poem!

  4. GYF Executive Director

    Love it, love it and love my nieces! You KNOW I am all over that Earth poem. I will scrape up some change for them the next time they are over ;0)

  5. Christie-The ChatterBox

    This was so cute! You know I'm loving your girls for being enterprising women! (Don't pass out because you got a comment from me…I mean let's not get on you and twitter! – hee hee)

  6. Save a couple for me! Mari and Lila rock!

  7. Talent all up and through the family I tell ya!

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