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Editor’s Note: In my latest column on Dove.com’s Connections, I was asked to write about the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” policies at the Millner/Chiles household, and what happens when I break my own rules. Yes, as you probably guessed, the 10-year-old, a.k.a. Lil’ Mama, sets me straight. Here, a teaser; I invite you to read this post, and my others, in their entirety at Dove.com.

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Okay, so yeah, I admit it: Sometimes I eat red velvet cake and drink soda for breakfast.

And I can go all day without making up my bed.

I've gone until 5 p.m. without brushing my teeth, and sometimes an entire day without combing my hair.

I've got a wicked potty mouth (though never in front of my kids or my Dad or people I think might be offended).

I've gone grocery shopping hungry and slipped Snicker's bars and gummy bears into the cart, and devoured them just 10 minutes before I pile the vegetables high on the dinner plates.

I rush.

I get impatient.

I bite off way more than any one person can chew.

I'm a rebel without a pause.

And most of these things are in direct violation of my Mama's Rules of How To Be book you know, the one I regularly quote whenever my girls, Mari, 10, and Lila, 7, get out of pocket. Like, ask mommy for a snack right before dinner, or try putting a spoonful of cereal in your mouth knowing you have an unmade bed upstairs, or try riding shotgun with me to the store in a stained t-shirt and unkempt hair, and seriously? It's a situation. My girls know Mommy doesn't play that…

To see what happen when the 10-year-old busts me breaking one of my cardinal rules, CLICK HERE to check out the rest of my post at DOVE.COM.

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