Godiva Chocolatinis.

Godiva liquer- and rum-infused fudge and caramel brownies.

The oh-so-chocolatey Morris Chestnut (The Best Man) and Omar Epps (Love & Basketball).

And my girls *waving at Angelou, Akilah, and Selassie*

Oh, lawd, yes.

These are the things that make for the perfect Spiked Hot Chocolate party.

You better go on ahead and get you some!

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  1. …and as great as that picture turned out, it does the real thing no justice! You could have made maddd dough as a bartender–I.Kid.You.Not! Oh, and the brownies…*moment of silence* 🙂

  2. Looks like girls' night just got a little more chocolater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that's a word.

  3. GYF Executive Director

    Is it time for another Spiked Hot Chocolate party yet? Total.Decadence. Every last bit of the evening was a treat! Thank you D., Akilah and Selassie for the much-needed break.

  4. Sheena @ Sophistishe

    Recipes, pahleeze! I'm over here drooling!

  5. Help! Mama Remote...

    That looks so delicious. I'm with Sheena on this one.

  6. Yes, recipe please! My eyes locked on the glasses for at least a minute. I love everything chocolate-you hit it all! The chocolate liquer-oh yeah! fudge-endorphin shock! and brownies- say no more!

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