It’s a story that always seems to be told from the underbelly the single mom as the long-suffering, community-ruining, government program-draining, man-eating, neck-swizzling baby mama whose kids just can’t get right. Hardly ever, though, is her story given context the kind of meaningful examination that sheds light on the challenges of being a woman charged with raising children alone, all-too-often with little support and in a thick shroud of stereotypes.

Enter Diary of a Single Mom, a web-based original series that examines the layers of single motherhood through the stories of three single mothers and their families as they try to get ahead despite their struggles with childcare, healthcare, education, and finances. The series, produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Robert Townsend and written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Cheryl L. West, Diary of a Single Mom stars Monica Calhoun (The Best Man) as Ocean Jackson, a single mom of two who’s struggling to keep her family afloat while she tries to get her GED, go to college and open her own business. Along her journey, she befriends and joins forces with two other single moms one who falls ill as she juggles different fathers for each of her two children, and the other a 50-something widow raising her only grandchild. Together, the three women search for support and faith as they work to triumph over the challenges of every day life.

Diary of a Single Mom: Season 1 debuted on in 2009, and went on to win awards for Best Indie Soap and Best Guest Actor from the Indie Soap Awards 2009. Richard Roundtree, Leon, and Billy Dee Williams star also star, while Valery Ortiz and Janice Lynde round out the trifecta of single moms.

Below, find a sneak peek of the show, now in its second season. Original episodes air Thursday nights HERE on Pic.TV through the end of March. There, you’ll also find the eight episodes in Diary of a Single Mom’s Season 1. Enjoy the preview, and be sure to tune in Thursday nights for more episodes.

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  1. Second season? Where've I been? This is the type of programming we need more of. Haven't seen Monica Calhoun in a starring role–will be checking this out!

  2. wow, I haven't seen anyone else mention this webseries. I stumbled across it the week before last and have been watching one episode every two or three days. Although less than 30 mins, the episodes reveal a problem and provide a sensible resolution. The acting is good also. I'd been wondering where Monica Calhoun was working on and was very excited to see her attached to this quality project.

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    The series is very good whenever I see the episodes are fun and all Entertainment

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