This is my confession: I’m a total band hag.

Like seriously? I can sit through an entire football game one with the teams sloshing around in the mud, trading touch downs like kids do candy and stay totally focused on the band. I love to watch them trade songs with the opposing team’s band, and especially when the band leader has a little flavor and struts his stuff all around the field. And don’t let the band play something I like; the band for Mazi’s past football season bumped Earth Wind & Fire’s “September,” and the O’Jays’ “Love Train” something lovely, and after halftime, they played a rambunctious, New Orleans-styed rendition of “Jesus Lifted Me” while they made their way back to the stands.

I loved every minute of it so much so that at some games, I, a former flute player in my high school band, found myself taking way more pictures of the tuba players and the drummers and the band leaders than I did the football players and even Mazi. I thought it would be nice to show off my shots on Wordful Wednesday. Enjoy!

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  1. Great photos…why am I swaying in this chair like there's sound coming out of the instruments?!

  2. Flute player huh!!!! So thats where Mari & Lila gets it from…ie trumpet & piano ???
    papa Chikuyu…

  3. The Royal Family

    great photos! looks good!

    sorry i'm late, come visit me…

    The Buzz

  4. I remember going to the Bayou Classic when I was 16 years old. I love watching the HBCUs go at it. I have never had so much fun during a halftime.


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