1. mommaof4wife2r

    keith olbermann is a bold man…and a wise man. it takes true love and desire for sincere change to speak those words. thank you keith!!!!

    tamed…not irradicated! so true!

    just wondering, can we play this over the tv over and over? amazing!!

  2. Those were amazing words that ring so true. Thank you Keith for speaking up for those who don't have a voice.

  3. wow…..that was beautiful….*standing ovation*

  4. I officially have a crush on Keith. Wow.

  5. Teresha@Marlie and Me

    mistrust. doubt. fear. he hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer! that took a lot of guts…bravo Keith.

  6. Fear is a dangerous emotion! It accompanies rage, stupidity and insanity. How apropo that someone who is not Black says it so well.

  7. Thank you for this post!! It made my day and to hear this! Now I like Keith Olbermann too!


    And.. I have reconciled a comment I made on your post about Blacks on the silver screen.. on my most recent blog post about the "Precious" Oscar. Where I admit to some self imposed non-sense (sin) of pre-judging.

    JackiesMagic aka Goddess in Apt10b

  9. P.S. Did you know you can custom size your YouTube videos to fit your blog post perfectly? Look at HTML code of the video.. Look for Object Width and Object Height.. Then resize all FOUR codes. Two at the front, two at the end. I usually size down to a perfect square..anywhere from 344 to 425 all around. Hope you don't mind!

  10. MelADramatic Mommy

    Oh Keith! You're my hero. Thank you for stating what so many feel in such a sensible, non-inflammatory way. Bravo!

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