…a scene in which the father scolds the daughter for having a secret boyfriend.

…total horror show.

…my God this is so about to be our life in, like, four years.

*clutching prayer beads, lighting candles, guzzling holy water, on our knees*

Pray. For. Us.

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  1. Seeing as how I WAS that daughter a mere eight years ago, I am not at ALL looking forward to being on the other side of the conversation.

    *breaking out into a sweat* No, ma'am. Not at all.

  2. Oh crap! Let me get out my self-medication tools in advance because this stuff right hiyere…Laawd, laawd!

  3. OMG I soooo love this show. It hits home for me on sooo many levels. Bravo to the writers of this one. I hope it sticks around for a while. I thought it was cool that the kid turned out to be nice.

  4. Joyce The Writer

    all I can say is OMG…I'm sooooooo skerred…because I remember how I was…and you know God has a supernatural sense of humor…I've been trying to bargain with the Lord since I got pregnant 4 years ago…and I've been staying on my best behavior myself in hopes that my child won't be as rebellious as I was…so far, its not working…but I keep praying and hoping and doing my best to keep communication open.

    But I've got a strong willed, independent 3-year-old, who I KNOW is NOTHING compared to willful, defiant 13-year-old (me back in the day). So like I said, I'll take this next decade to keep on praying and hoping and engaging the best practices of good parents like yourself. And we'll see what happens.

    I plan to be ready by the time my child is a pre-teen, but you know what? My mother thought she was ready for me. And whew…a whole 'nother story that was a life time ago…she won, thank God…but barely…she and my daddy helped me make it through teen-hood alive and prepared for real life…but sometimes it was like a Holy War up in my family…all that to say is:

    I. Feel. You.

  5. I'm with ya girl…I'm with ya!

  6. I feel you girl!

  7. Oh, I can't even go there! My thought-to-be 8 yr. old is actually 10, so I'm closer than I care to admit!!! EEEEEK. The older is a little angel so I'm expecting trouble when she's a teen. The younger is already an independent little gal with a solid Take No Prisoners attitude. Either way, I'm in trouble. I'm kind of sorry that I don't drink or smoke or something. Will have to meditate every 10 minutes when they are teens. 🙂

  8. I'm recoiling in fear.

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