Bow your heads for a moment of silence.

Uh huh, yeah. Now we can proceed.

Please believe, I’m making it my business to hit the movie theater today to see The Takers, the new flick starring T.I., Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, and my man, Idris Elba.

Uh huh, I said it yes I did. My man, Idris. I ain’t skerd. Nick knows. Oh hell yes, he knows. 

I mean, I love my husband and my babies and this life we’ve built together and whatnot, but Idris makes me want to do things. Naughty things. Things that would make you want to go grab a pad and take notes…

Yes, I understand that these things could break up my happy home. But Nick would understand, just like I’d go on ahead and kiss him on the cheek and bid him a fond adieu if Beyonce or Kerry Washington and them came knocking on our door talmbout, “Look here, I’m just crazy for me some Nick and he’s leaving you not now, but right now. We’ll send the babies some checks.” 

Some things you just don’t get in the way of.

I digress.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I’m going to see The Takers today because dammit,  my man Idris Elba is in it. Delivering his lines with his natural British cockney and running all across the big screen in fine linens and toting guns, showing off all that chocolate goodness.

It ain’t right, I tell you. 

Which is precisely why I’ll be front and center on opening weekend. 

Who’s with me?

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  1. I hear you….Stringer Bell what you talkin about? A huge fan since "The Wire" I was trying to find a midnight showing for me so I can sneak out when the kids get to asleep.

  2. I'm with you! Ever since the Wire I've been drooling over him. Saw him once at the airport in Atlanta, something out of a movie he leaned his head back to take a sip of water out of a bottle and OMG it was like slow motion I couldn't stop looking, almost ran into somebody!

  3. i'm too distracted to remember WHAT I was going to SAY.

    wow. Get me a ticket, I'm comin'.

  4. I have to totally agree! It's something about that accent that always has me in a trance. That man can have a movie where he's just reading the most boring book ever and I would still watch just to hear him! Lol!

  5. I love you and everything Miss Denene but (in Color Purple Squeak voice) That there is my man! I'm seeing it today too!

  6. You gon' have to fight me for him, Denene! But if you win, I'll take Michael Ealy.

  7. Angela at Neglected Princess

    Idris is the sh–! I was even in love with his character on The Office! I am torn, though, about supporting this movie because Chris Brown makes me ill. What to DO?

  8. I'm with you! Irresistible, isn't he? 😉

  9. I so miss the wire! I just love his accent! I hate when he covers it up, but not really I love anything that comes out of his mouth!

  10. This is such an all star cast of some of the finest men in the world and industry! ..cant wait!

  11. This movie is full of eye candy. I loved it. Idris just does it for me!

  12. **runs off to wash up after thoughts of __________**

  13. Two words: well damn.

    Maybe I oughta go get my notebook and you can tell me what you and what's-his-name would do. Whisper it in my ear.
    Hope you enjoy he movie, darling.
    You talkin' much smack.

  14. Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres

    He is too delicious for words!!

  15. We might have to fight because he belongs to me. Can't wait to see him on the screen either. He may as well make a movie starring just him. Great post for my Friday!

  16. Sorry mama, but I gotta disagree with you on this one. The proper 2 words are: Michael. Ealy. yes I said it! And I'll be up in there tomorrow 🙂

  17. Girl you ain't said nothin', but a word. But since I am a grown women who understands the power and lasting shelf life of the written word, I cannot divulge my truest feelings and imagined intentions with Mr. Stringer Bell, but I can at least admit that:


  18. I can't go see it, I just can't. It's too much chocolate goodness in that movie. And don't even start me on Michael Eal…. I can't even finish typing his name. Let me go read the Bible!

  19. Rose's Daughter

    I lust after that man and my husband knows it! As soon as the baby is off to daycare, I am on it!!

  20. LOL @ "Talmbout" and loves that ur hubby reads and comments!!

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