One of my favorite TV shows ever is CBS’s Sunday Morning. It’s like NPR with pictures thoughtful, interesting, fresh, and above all else, intelligent. On any given Sunday, you might get a profile of Lenny Kravitz and his interior design prowess, a retrospective of Kandinsky, and a smart, in-depth look at the fools behind Jackass, and every last one of the stories will make you think and stretch and happy you ended the hour feeling smarter.

One of the Sunday Morning features I’m really loving is Steve Hartman’s “Everybody In the World Has a Story.” Hartman gets someone to pick a random country off a globe, then dude finds some random person to interview and voila! there’s an interesting story in the making.  And the story he found in Bali? Priceless.

Check it: Wayan Kamar and his wife, Wayan Sriani got issues. He wants sex. She’s too worn out for sex. He’s frustrated that he’s not getting sex. She needs him to make some changes so she’ll be in the mood for sex. You know maybe wash a dish or two, cook a dinner, hit a girl off with some flowers, light a candle or something.

Um, sound familiar to anyone?

Hartman put it best in his wrap-up when he suggested that this couple’s story “goes to show that when you dig beneath race, religion and politics, you’ll almost always find someone you can relate to.” He added:

In fact, after traveling around the world twice telling strangers’ stories, I’ve concluded the only real difference between humans is that some people on Earth live for purpose and meaning and the others are men.

You said it, brother. (I didn’t, but I wish I did LOL!)

You so have to watch this video. And if you’re a total heathen like me and mine, you won’t go wrong spending Sunday morning in your pajamas, drinking coffee and enjoying this thoughtful show.

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  1. I would love to have that guys job–travel and talk to people around the world, experiencing their culture. What a dream!

    This video is so funny. I so can relate. I do love his last line too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is cute…and oh so true…

  3. I like that show too when I can catch it. It concedes with other shows I watch.

  4. I loved this story, thank you for sharing.

  5. I know I've left a comment already but I'm leaving another one (unrelated to the above). So, today (like every Thursday) was a crappy day but then I went to my blog and was so excited when I saw that THE Denene Millner left a comment on my post. I was like "lawd, I guess I'm stepping up in the world." Just kidding. I know…I'm nuts but I really did appreciate you leaving a hilarious comment. I really love your blog so it meant a lot for you to drop by. Alright I'll stop before I sound anymore stalker-ish. Ha! Would love to see your fam in redneck or rasta costumes for Halloween next year. LOL.

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