There's a story behind the number 7 for one beautiful little girl named Ashanti.

See, while so many other children were enjoying the first rays of summer vacation, Ashanti and her mom, Saundra, found themselves taking up residence at the Ronald McDonald House in Miami. Ashanti was sick so very sick; she was in need of a liver transplant, but doctors could offer her nothing more than a spot on a long waiting list for a new organ.

But, like a miracle, two months after Ashanti and her family received that dire news, a match was found. And between August 5 and November 3 of this year, while Ashanti underwent and recovered from surgery, The Ronald McDonald House became a home away from home for the little girl and her mom a place where they could count on the love and support needed while she got well.

During her stay, Ashanti celebrated her seventh birthday, surrounded by her new Ronald McDonald House family and friends. And today, Ashanti is doing extremely well looking for a fresh start with her new, healthy liver.

Talk about lucky number 7!  For Ashanti and her family, there is strength in that number.

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) help families like the Jacksons find the support and comfort they need as they deal with life-changing illnesses. And the charity needs our help to continue its mission to serve children and families in need of a safe, comfortable, loving place to stay while they undergo treatment.

I've written before about all of the interesting ways Ronald McDonald House Charities fundraises, including the RMHC Day of Change, in which I urged MyBrownBaby readers to drop off their spare change at a local McDonalds. This time, I'm urging you to open your eyes to pay attention to numbers all around you. Through December 31, pedestrians, football and basketball fans, shopping mall goers, employees of local businesses, and the general public will find numbers painted on retail windows and sidewalks, projected onto buildings, posted on scoreboards, or stamped on uniforms. These numbers represent meaningful stories about RMHC, its programs and the families the charity has helped along the way. A URL including the number will take people to a website that explains the story behind the number. It's a bit of mystery and intrigue that will get people clicking to learn more about the stories behind the numbers and, hopefully, donate to a local Ronald McDonald House. 

In this season of giving, won't you please consider helping families find strength in numbers? RMHC along with MyBrownBaby is encouraging those looking to do some good this holiday season to donate to RMHC. The organization's goal is to reach 4,200 donations by December 31.

Won't you help? Children like Ashanti need your support. Follow this link to Ashanti's story and, if you're so moved, donate to the cause. No amount is too big or too small, but every penny is appreciated.

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