I've kinda always been of the mindset that letting the kids win is a self-esteem booster a feel-good strategy that gives kids the confidence they crave while they're learning how to be competitive. And oh, it's also a nifty way of avoiding teary outbursts and tantrums and stuff. The kind that no mom wants to deal with when the whole purpose of the fun, friendly, feel-good family game night was to be fun and friendly and whatnot.

But then, Michael Jackson came into our lives. More specifically, the new Michael Jackson Experience for Wii game. It's got a sparkly glove and a Workin' Day and Night routine featuring MJ when he was cute and fresh and not weird and I wanted to be his girlfriend. Plus, you get to do crotch-grabbing and lots of random twirls without having to explain yourself. Crotch-grabbing and twirls, people! I'm just saying, when that music comes on and the Michael Jackson with the afro starts strutting across the screen and I get to waving that Wii controller and the points start racking up? Yeah I don't really care if you're eight or 11 or I pushed you through my loins or your mouth is poked out because Mommy, who watched and danced to the original Remember the Time video with Eddie Murphy and Iman, like, a gazillion times, has a distinct advantage over the little people in the room. 

It is what it is. Get your weight up, son! Mommy's the dance master. Take notes.

 * * * *

After a few weeks of super heavy essays on controversial topics, I figured I’d write something fun for the Parenting Post today. Read the rest of this story on the MyBrownBaby Parenting Post page to get all the dirty, sordid details of how I creamed my kids in the Michael Jackson Wii Dance Experience game. Word. *Insert picture of Denene twirling and grabbing her crotch here*

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  1. hahaha! My sister and I get the same treatment from the 11 yo neice when we do our Heavy D – Now That We've Found Love Moves – which will happen without warning to her while we're shopping or walking around a mall. It was planned as a joke because we seemed to have embarrassed her to no end when we our Salt & Pepper moves at a family gathering?!!?!! :|…I think Michael Jackson's dance moves need to be added to the list..Thanks for the bit of humor on this snowing NY day!

  2. Too funny! I MUST buy this game!

  3. I had this crazy, vivid dream last night that Michael Jackson had forgotten how to moon walk and he wanted my help. Mine! Clearly, he hadn't seen me practicing (and failing miserably) all through my tween years. Where did I put that white glove?

  4. Hilarious! We just had a "girls night" at my Mother's and I was told to bring my MJ experience game so we could have a contest. Of course, I won lol. They tried to tire me out by making me "show" them how to play the game; they thought that thriller on the inhuman level would be a nice starter AND I wasn't allowed to use that as my score for the tournament! The nerve! I of course used "Workin' day and night" as my REAL selection and beat them all to a pulp. You may have already guessed but we are OBSESSED with this game here. My 5 year old is now a smooth criminal master lol.

  5. Not only am i laughing uncontrollably because of the same similar experiences but due to the fact I know all involved participants. Not yet parent and past being a child I think it is healthy to learn defeat by those who birthed you rather than those who don't care about you. Besides the feeling will come back cause parents do get old.

  6. I LOVE this game! And what is even funnier is that my 4 year old son is better at it than I am. It’s a great workout and great for a family night. Viva MJ!

  7. LMAO! That’s IT! We’re gettin’ a Wii… I can’t deny it anymore, I have to reign victorious over my household and my 3 & 5 year old self proclaimed Michael Jackson know-it-alls and show them who THE MJ superfan is in my domain!

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