MyBrownBaby Fresh: Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

If you’re addicted to kid’s art and, like me, you just can’t throw it away OR figure out where to stash it all, this frame might be for you. Each of these art cabinets stores up to 50 pieces of art all of them behind a single, white, bevel-cut mat that frames one picture and hides the others. The frame opens from the front, making it easy to switch out featured pictures; the frame can be hung vertically or horizontally with the hardware and wall templates that come with the kit. This art gallery collection includes a Lil Davinci Art Cabinet for 18×24-, 12×18-, 9×12-, and 8.5×11-sized children’s art. Lil Davinci Art Cabinet, $25 to $154.

{AND check out my latest Parenting Post story on, about my love for and my hoarding of! my children’s art.}

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  1. I would like to inquire how much each size is. I am interested in purchasing one of each size. Please let me know. Thanks. Ashley

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