Gang Rape in Texas: When Will We Stop Sacrificing Girls In Defense of Black Boys?

She is 11.

And 18 boys and men have been charged with gang raping her.

You read that right.


From ages 14 to 27. In a small town called Cleveland, Texas, where they apparently have a whole bunch of heartless bastards who think raping girls is such a fun time that it should be videotaped and photographed for posterity and shared with others who might find footage of a young girl being forced to have sex amusing.

Those videos and pictures, according to news reports, are how police found and arrested the 18 two of them star basketball players at the local high school, another the son of a local councilman, a few of them convicted, grown ass felons. And word has it that there might be more boys and men involved in the brutal sexual assault of this sixth grader.

You read that right.

Sixth grader.

A child.

Most other human beings would have sympathy for an 11-year-old, sixth-grade girl who was repeatedly raped for hours by random men in a squalid Katrina trailer while others stood around laughing, videotaping and waiting their turn. But they must make ˜em extra special in Cleveland, TX, because folk an outspoken black community leader and mostly the mothers and sisters and grandmothers and family members of the accused have taken to the camera and the newspapers to wait on it dog out the little girl. She wears make-up. And dresses provocatively for a tween. And talks about sex on her FaceBook page. And is thought to have gone willingly with the 19-year-old and his friend. Like this was some consensual sex stuff between the 11-year-old and him and the friend and at least 16 other men and teenagers. Oh, and the mostly-white police force has it out for African American males.

My homegirl Akiba Solomon nailed why the advancement of this logic is ass-backard in her column, The Gang Rape of Latina 6th Grader, and a Horrific Community Response, on Colorlines:

In this framework, girls of color are the predators, the fast-asses, the hot-asses, the hooker-hos, the groupie bitches, the trick-ass bitches, the bust-it-babies and the lil' freaks who are willing to let dudes run a train on them. Too often let translates into, she was rolling with a bunch of dudes or she showed poor judgement or she appropriated male-identified sexual bravado to fit in, or she's a child who has been sexually exploited or abused.

This double standard also renders black men and boys as victims of their own sexuality. They're big-dick goon and goblin niggas just doing what niggas do when a smiling, or at least not-protesting young girl comes around. She's 11? OK, but I didn't know she was 11, so I didn't do anything wrong, or violent, or exploitative or dangerous.

Here's what I know: I'm so sick and tired of watching leaders and our people especially women throw our girls under the bus as they rush to protect the boys who've done wrong. Are boys and men of color under attack in our communities? Absolutely. I know firsthand; I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and mentor to a host of beautiful black men who've spent a lifetime staring down injustice. But dammit, not every black boy or man deserves our allegiance our unyielding support. Sometimes, they do wrong. Real wrong. And like any other criminal especially those who rape women and, by God, 11-year-old girls they should be prosecuted and, if found guilty, forced to pay dearly for their crimes. Sans cheerleaders who think vilifying and demonizing female victims is tantamount to fighting for the cause.

This time, can we let the cause be about supporting and rooting for the little girl?

After all, she is 11.

A sixth grader.

And 18 boys and men have been charged with gang raping her.

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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. I enjoy reading your posts and I’m about Tweet this soon. I completely understand where you come from. I’ve heard of girls who’ve been harassed and even raped, yet they are blamed for it because someway,somehow it was their fault. I understand that black men are targeted a lot in our community, but wrong is wrong and they need to pay for their crime and putting a little girl through this.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, thank you so much for dealing with this subject, black men need and always will have my support, but not when they abuse their own, no matter who they are brother, father, uncle, we cannot blindly give out love,it sends out the wrong message and gives them permission to behave in such a way. Our girls need protecting and if we as women cannot protect them against our own men they who will? This little girl has been betrayed not just by the men wh abused her so wickedly but also by those in the community who dare to try to justify the actions of those who defiled her.

    • ‘Abuse their own’?

      I hope I am taking this out of context, that when you say ‘one of our own’ you are referring to a female, not a black…and that you really mean…when they abuse ANYONE, any race or nationality…even sex.

      And as the victim in this was hispanic and all of the men charged so far are black, I don’t know that she would be considered ‘one of your own’

      She is one of my own…she is a member of the human race…not black, white, hispanic or asian. She is a PERSON who has been horribtly brutalized by a bunch of no good, sorry pieces of trash. Then been brutalized again by the ignorant supporters of the men accused.

      All decent people, women and men, should be shocked and deeply disturbed by this crime. They should be LIVID at the ignorance and racism that has been shown towards the victim.

  3. Good piece. This story makes my blood run cold, and I think its worse because I now have a little girl, my mind just flashes to OMG….

    I don’t know, I look at stories like this and think are we a broken people or what? Once upon a time we had common sense and would have understood right from wrong but to see women blaming a little girl? That makes me almost as mad maybe even more than the attack. This child is being victimized all over again and of course we gotta blame her Mama…no what about the boys Mama? Of course no one wins the blame game.

    I probably should blog about this since I have a lot of thoughts…but agree with what you said .

  4. So sad. I’m just tired of this kind of evil.

  5. I like how they say they don’t know how old she is–but are aware of the things she apparently says on her facebook page. So they do or don’t know who she is…..and how old…..

    She could be my daughter. I look at her as my daughter. This trauma that she is going to have to deal with her ENTIRE life. I won’t be defending any male involved in this crime. It is so sad that this happened. So sad. I am thankful that they were caught and hopefully someone else’s daughter can be spared being traumatized so severely.

  6. I write in loving terms about my son but if he ever was anywhere near a situation like that, he wouldn’t be my son anymore.
    I saw one of the “mothers” on the news questioning the parents of the little girl. “Where were their parents at? Why they didn’t know where their baby was?”: Excuse me?? What kind of child are YOU raising that thinks it’s appropriate to “run trains” let alone gang bang!
    I wish Boogie would say, “Mama, they said I raped this girl but I was just running a train on her with my friends.” Oh really? Well, pack your shit. Go live with your friends OBVIOUSLY y’all are that close.
    Ugh! This story and the surrounding attitudes make me SO ANGRY!

  7. If that were my child there would be no trial, there would be 18 charges of murder against me! Our society as a whole has gone to hell, not black or white, we all have let the wrong images and actions ruin and corrupt our society. We caused this to be acceptable in their eyes, because we are raising our kids the internet and television is.

  8. Not the first time for black women to run and defend the indefensible (R. Kelly & Chris Brown, anyone?), definitely won’t be the last. Grief-stricken and horrified don’t even come close to explaining the emotions I felt when I first heard this story. I literally gagged, afraid I might throw up at my desk at work, thinking about how this poor little girl had to go to school and tell her principal what happened to her. And did you hear, her mother is getting threatening phone calls at home, and the little girl had to leave town for her own safety? Did you hear a mother of the accused say the lesson she is trying to teach her son now is to “check ID.” Yes, she thinks it’s OK for her child to participate in a gang rape again, as long as next time the victim is of age. I die a little bit every time I read about this story.

  9. Well said, and it’s about time somebody spelled it out.

  10. Thanks for writing this. I first heard about this around midnight last night and have been fired up ever since. How anyone could defend this horrific crime is completely beyond me. She could’ve been walking down the street in nothing but a G-string and begging for sex and it still would’ve been a crime. She’s freakin’ 11. Put them in jail with a big, sign that says, “Yes. I gang raped an 11yo girl with 17 other dudes.” Then we’ll see about justice.

  11. First of all, let me start by apologizing. I’m sorry. On behalf of so many men and in this case, so many black men that have and continue to let down the very queens we are supposed to be standing for.. our mothers, sisters, nieces and daughters… I’m sorry.

    I’m incensed when I read stories like this and regardless of the color of those criminals’ skin, i’m reminded of Samuel Jackson’s most famous line/bellow from the movie Mississippi Burning. For committing such a heinous act and robbing that little girl of whatever innocence she had, there is no punishment good enough for them that man can hand down. The unfortunate tidbit is that you commented on the fact that it’s mostly the moms, grandmothers and sisters speaking up on these monsters’ behalf which says a lot to me about the men, or lack thereof, in this situation.

    “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” I know that we’ve had a terrible time in this country, but our circumstance will never change if we don’t look up from the quagmire at some point and begin to hold each other accountable for our actions as a community. Regardless of any history, we must denounce criminal activity in the strongest terms at every turn otherwise we co-sign when it is committed. So often, it just seems that too many of us want to use the chains of pyschological slavery as a scapegoat not realizing that continuing to do so only adds more links to those chains and makes them stronger. I could go on, but I digress.

    • Wow, you are gifted 🙂

      I feel very bad for this young lady. And you nailed it with the lack of men speaking out against this heinous act.

  12. I read the first article you posted and it only confirmed the ideas expressed in my precious posts. There is a generational spiritual issue that is plaguing the lives of our people (all shades) when it comes to Black people its not just cur…rent events that taints the mind we have passed down the spirit of slavery and oppression. The Willie Lynch speech program has been implemented and has been kept in tact by us for 100’s of years. The main ingredients are Self hate and Selfishness. It really boils my blood as I type this because the though there are no chains around my legs there are chains to break in my mind. Look at it now 18 black men will be locked up and not be able to be an active father, positive role model to the community and have a hard time finding a good job to support themselves and family because of the record they will have. Then guess what is likely to happen? They will come out even more angry,lack Independence, illegally hustle to get money, abuse substance….get caught or killed…either way taken from society again. Bam there it is a continued cycle! I have faith that there will be at least 2 of those men that find inner truth behind bars by way of God sending them a person that has been in their shoes and can offer wisdom hope and love that may have never been expressed in the mans life, Now he has the potential to get out of jail with a new set of priorities. They may be inspired to start their own business and make more money than they would working for someone else. Their testimony can help others make better choices and give the community a positive role model that had been momentarily taken away. Each day we live there is a chance for redemption.

    • I agree with the spiritual break in the generation. I think that really hits the nail on the head. I can’t speak for any other race, because I’m Black, but I do know that the Black Men and Women in my family are and have been for as long as I know VERY religious and this would have never flown in our family. We think church doesn’t prevent these types of situations, and maybe not, but we have to at least expose our kids to good bible teaching churches that don’t damn you to hell for every little thing you do. These kids should be exposed to the light of God and know that they are just as important as anyone on this earth and they are precious in His sight.

  13. This is a deeply, deeply sad story, made only worse by the fact that the women in these boys’ lives are defending/justifying their horrifying actions rather than holding them accountable. I hope justice is served in this situation, whatever that may be.

  14. Wow, you have written this in a way that has made me feel that I need to be more connected to our community. I am the mother of a daughter and son, I am Latina and my children are Black and I tell you that our fight in this society is hard and has been long. I can say in all honestly that if my son were to participate in such a heartless act, I would disown him. It is our job to secure the hedges of our community and protect our children and yes our girls the way the White America protects theirs. What concerns me most is that the mothers and community members are not concerned about the level of consciousness of these young men that are able to participate in the violation of a young girl without second thought. This is the fourth gang rape story I have read this week, and it saddens me to know that the rape of women is glamorized. We see it in music, movies, television and as natural progression would dictate: life! Shame on them all for utilizing the race card for what is obviously a human issue. I am with you on this one. God Speed

  15. It’s stupid that your argument is primarily base on “we” should support the girl because she is a female. That’s as ignorant as a man saying “we” should support the boys because they are male.

    The issue involving this poor girl and these poor boys/teens is a complex problem with several variables in a liberal and over-sexual society. We can both be compassionate towards the little girl and the boys/teens who are themselves far too underdeveloped to think its ok to engaging in this kind of sexual behavior, regardless of the age or gender of the “victim”.

    • Denene@MyBrownBaby

      Excuse you, sir, but I’m going to need you to watch your language and your tone on my site. I’m many things. Stupid is NOT one of them. I’ve made my point VERY CLEAR: An 11-year-old was GANG RAPED BY 18 different boys AND MEN. And I have absolutely NO compassion for animals who prey on females—I don’t give a damn what age they are—and penetrate their bodies WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. An 11-year-old CAN NOT GIVE CONSENT. And you couldn’t pay me to make excuses for the bullshit. WRONG IS WRONG. Period.

      • Sister! I need for you to say that again and just a little bit louder! Apparently, some folks didn’t hear you. There is absolutely no excuse for such a horrendous act!

    • So liberalism and an “over-sexual” society caused this rape. I guess rape wasn’t happening when our society was more conservative, huh? Give me a break. A woman’s body is constantly under attack in this society. Whether we’re via rape or laws trying to be passed by CONSERVATIVE lawmakers, it’s obvious that women, especially those of color, mean little to this apologist rape culture. Perhaps, we can teach men to respect women and to think with the correct head.

      Also, the fact that you placed victim in quotes is insulting. A child was raped by almost 20 men. She is a victim.

    • Ben,
      27-years-old is too underdeveloped to think it’s ok to engage in this kind of behavior? One of the MEN was 27 years old! Think again. No just THINK.

    • What a MORON!!! An 11 year old girl was RAPED, she didn’t have a choice in what these pieces of scum did to her body. You are the ignorant one to put VICTIM in quotes. There is no compassion warranted for the men who did this, or for you for defending it.

    • By saying that they are “far too underdeveloped to think it’s okay” you are implying that they do not know right from wrong. That it total BS!! PLEASE!!

      Despite living in an over-sexualized society or level of SES..etc., you have choices and those boys and men chose to do a despicable thing. That little girl (or in your inflammatory use of the quotations, “victim”) did not choose to have her innocence stolen from her.

    • The only one who is ignorant is someone who says that a man choosing to rape deserve the same compassion and support as a survivor of that rape. The is girl was raped, she did not consent. These boys and young men had the ability to choose whether they were going to have sex with an 11 year old. She did not have that choice. There is no comparision and trying to make one is just more victim blaming.

      The author says we should support the little girl because she is THE victim here not because of her gender but the fact is sir, that even with a situation like this where there is clearly NOTHING RIGHT about what those boys and men CHOOSE to do, that other women and men and the community is still blaming her because of sexism, our own history of oppression and the drive we have to protect and make excuses for ourselves and our brother when we do not act like decent men.

      You need to step off and look at why you are defending these rapists and attacking yet more black women.

  16. The idea that they would even say any of those ugly things is very ignorant.It about time someone speak up.I grew up in a town where those type acts of violence took place.The town of “Keep your mouth shut” Thank God someone put them on the wall of shame.When we expose the things like this happening in community it brings more light to the issue at hand.

  17. What…? I’m…at a lost for words right now. I have 4 children 2 young men 22 & 19 and 2 young girls 14 & 10. If I were on either side of this equation, I would have to question where did I go wrong. If my son was one of the predators, they would be my son no more. If my daughter was the VICTIM my heart would bleed for her. I can’t begin to comprehend this atrocity. How in the world can anyone the (boys and men or their parents) blame an 11 year old girl as their defense? How is it possible that these mothers and grandmothers can say “my baby is innocent because this girl is a tramp”? I can’t understand how anyone can justify the motives, actions and viciousness of this crime. We need to wake up.

  18. Thanks for sharing this horrible story. It’s horrible because the majority of fashion designing and cosmetic companies get funding from men. The marketing teams are made up of males and females, some with children. They place advertisements on television, magazines and other publications, encouraging young women to dress and look. For the community to basiclly side with the young men in this case is just another statement protraying our young children as only being capable of a slave mentality that it is okay to rape your sisters and to show how big a stud animal the young brothers are. This attitude is placing them right back to slavery times. Maybe if they that to live as a slave, they would start thinking with the correct head.

  19. People, for crying out loud stop thinking with your skin. As an organ of the body it has no power to think or evaluate anything. Its your brain that makes you you. These 18 people who raped the 11yo are shitty people, not shitty black people. None of you are any more connected to them than I am because we share a gender. I see some comments speaking of “psychological chains” and I’m confused. But I think maybe the nature of those chains is the linking of yourself with anyone who (remotely) looks like you and all their good or bad actions. Break away from it. Be a person not a black person. Be a mother not a black mother. I’m sorry if I’m coming off rude, or some of you might even see this as a message of hate. But it isn’t at all, I’m imploring you for your own peace of mind don’t let someone else’s evil actions reflect on you, or bring you down.

    • Denene@MyBrownBaby

      White Guy: I think everyone here is pretty clear that we think with our brains, not our skin. But our skin is no less a part of us than our limbs, our breath—our hearts. I won’t speak for all African Americans because we are not a monolith. I will, however, say that a large part of who I am and what I love about me is rooted to my race and the culture connected to it. I don’t have the luxury of walking into the room and having it go unnoticed. I don’t have the luxury of applying for a job and having it go unnoticed. I don’t have the luxury of going to a restaurant or shopping in a store or driving in a well-to-do neighborhood and having my skin go unnoticed. It’s the American way. And it makes sense that you’re “confused” by the conversation, because you don’t have to live with this day in and day out. So you’ll have to forgive me for finding you incredibly naive and a tad insulting for suggesting that on this site, where we discuss parenting issues through the lens of the African American experience, we should ignore a discussion so important and critical to us because a white guy who can’t identify demands we do so.

      You’re absolutely right: that little girl was raped by 18 shitty boys and men. But their race became an issue when the community’s leaders called for the support of the perpetrators by making the argument that black men are all-too-often railroaded by women and the criminal justice system. This is what this discussion is about.

      • I am intelligent, attractive, hard-working, and compassionate. I also have extremely large breasts. They are part of my identity. But they never go unnoticed, and I’m not saying that as an indirect boast. It’s hard to sit through a job inteview at all when the man doing the interview is having a hard time looking at your face, and you know you won’t get the job b/c, even if you’re the best person for it, he’ll find another reason not to hire you b/c he believes deep down that you’d be too much of a “distraction.” I understand all too well exactly what it feels like to be conspicuous all the time b/c of an uncontrollable genetic factor. Frankly, except for a dwindling handful of rascist idiots whom no one bothers about or listens to anyway, I don’t know anyone who is that tuned in to what color a person is except by way of describing that person: “What does Tina look like?” “She’s about 5’5″, she wears glasses, and she’s black.” In other words, you’re right: It is something that’s always noticed b/c it’s part of who you are. What’s wrong w/that? I don’t think of having a part of my identity ignored as a “luxury,” even if that part does inconvenience me sometimes. I simply have to seek out the people who appreciate the poise I’ve developed b/c I’ve had to contend w/my full figure all my life. (By the way, I’ve had a couple of black men who would be outraged if I made a racial joke express puzzlement when I was unamused by a joke that reduced me to a pair of boobs.) On another point, I too am proud of my cultural heritage–I’m Native American, another culture that was horribly persecuted and degraded–BUT that pride stems from the things that my ancestors accomplished and the beautiful traditions they handed down, not the fact that, by an accident of fate, I happen to have been born into that particular culture. Why should I be proud of something that I did nothing to earn? Because of these factors, I don’t think I’m “naive” or “confused” when I say that I think White Guy simply meant that we shouldn’t ALLOW this to become a race issue just b/c a bunch of stupid people want to make it one. If there is an “issue” here–and there shouldn’t be; this should be about nothing except that child–it’s one of gender. I believe it was the late Shirley Chisholm who said that she’d experienced more discrimation b/c of her gender than b/c of her race. (I could be wrong. It might be another pioneering black woman.) Surely this is a time for all women and the men who care about them to stand up and say, “This is unacceptable.” Why is it that any remark directed against any ethnic group invariably raises cries of protest, while horrible remarks about women are still found to be amusing and anyone who complains about sexually violent lyrics is accused of trying to destroy our right to free speech? C’mon, ladies, let the bad men “take care” of themselves for a change, and let’s band together w/all the good guys like Nick Chiles AND White Guy–who has his heart in the right place, even if he wasn’t as politcally correct as some people would like him to be–and do something to make sexual assault on anyone, not just children, such a shameful thing that no one will be bragging about it or committing it to videotape.

    • White Guy, telling people to “just be people” is an example of exercising the arrogant privilege of your sex and your skin. If you think a little deeper than your Cartesian dichotomy, you may realize that ALL of you makes up you, not just your brain–that includes your body and your early childhood experiences–and can be further analyzed by your race, sex, or socioeconomic privileges of which you may be unaware. But just because you are unaware does not mean those privileges do not exist. If you think about it still further, you may also come to realize that ALL of us are ALL connected. The evil actions of these boys/men bring ALL of us down. Thank you, Denene, for speaking out against what was otherwise reported–the sexism of the townspeople blaming an 11-year-old child for the actions of a group of boys/men. Thank you also to the men who are speaking out against this. Speaking as a white woman, I do not for one minute believe that all men, black or otherwise, are rapists, but to not speak against it, or to defend it in the urgency of combating racism–condones this behavior. Thank you, Nick and tshaka_zulu and others, for providing alternative examples of masculinity.

      • “White Guy, telling people to “just be people” is an example of exercising the arrogant privilege of your sex and your skin. If you think a little deeper than your Cartesian dichotomy, you may realize that ALL of you makes up you, not just your brain–that includes your body and your early childhood experiences–and can be further analyzed by your race, sex, or socioeconomic privileges of which you may be unaware. But just because you are unaware does not mean those privileges do not exist”

        Isn’t it interesting! this blog began by discussing the horrible crime of rape-especially child rape, but it has morphed into the favorite feminist sport of blaming and criticizing white males for daring to state an opinion. White Guy is right; for people to truly work together we have to stop dividing into little groups who prefer to whine about privilege and oppression instead of just being people.

  20. It is so difficult to finish reading this story…, so sad! Very sad! these men are pure heartless animals, full stop!

  21. First I want to say that this is terrible. These pedophiles deserve whatever punishment they get. I hate pedophiles and will never defend them…

    But @tshaka_zulu please don’t take responsibility for this nonsense and don’t apologize. I am TIRED of being responsible for every ignorant person that happens to be black. These people get news coverage ALL night and ALL day. Young black people do so many positive things, but you’ll never hear about it. All you hear about is shootings, robberies, and rapes. This society ignores us and REFUSES to acknowledge decent black men exist. I’m tired of being judged by the actions of others. Don’t feel bad my friend….

    • I wasn’t apologizing for men on behalf of the animals who perpetrated this crime. It’s the rest of the men who will stand by and allow this to go on unchecked. It’s the other men who will allow other male community leaders to stand up and attempt to justify this behavior by the age old scape goat of “blaming the white man.” I’m not the rep for all black men, but I feel like so many of us have “missed it.” I do know of a great many men who ARE standing up but I still feel that we are the vocal minority and not yet vocal enough.

      I’m living out loud personally, and I’ll be glad when those of us who aren’t perfect, but are giving it everything we’ve got to do this right are the majority rather than the minority.

  22. The truth of the matter is right is right and wrong is wrong!! The child is eleven—————- the big 11!! We can not condone this type of behavior from young boys or grown men. No matter how you look at it the behavior of these males regardless to age, relationship to them, race, and economic status it is Plain and Simply WRONG!!!!!! They must pay for their behavior!!!

  23. I found your article through a link from TODAYMoms.This story is horrific and the reaction of some is almost as disgusting as the act itself. I do not understand victim blaming. So what if she wore makeup or whatever else people said about her, that does NOT give anyone permission to assault her. I don’t care if she willingly followed a boy over there or posted sexual comments on her Facebook, rape and sexual assault are NEVER justified! That poor child was gang raped, there is NO excuse or valid justification of that! What a sick world this is…

    • I agree. I have never understood blaming the woman (especially a little girl). I don’t care if a woman is walking naked down the street, that does not give any man the right to rape her! No man has the right to rape any woman, no matter what.

  24. Why must color even be such an issue in this case? Surely this won’t be an issue in court?! And to the sick women who think the poor girl did anything to instigate this, when the girl said “No” or “Stop”, etc., and they didn’t, it became rape. As if anyone would agree to have sex with 18 people or deserve it!?! I continue to be amazed at the horrific things that humans are capable of doing to hurt each other. My heart goes out to this girl; I hope she has someone strong who loves her to help her through this.

  25. Just wow. I would be shocked to hear of this happening to any woman – but for it to be a child just completely steals away my heart for her. Thank you for your post, and for your viewpoint.

    These days it seems too few are willing to say “no, THIS, is WRONG”. It seems our vision has been clouded and we somehow need it to be cleared. For this young child, I hope she sees a future brighter and clearer than the one that was painted for her by her community.

  26. Obviously half the people here can read but are not actually literate. This story is not just about black people, or the (consensual?) rape of this 11 year old. The woman who wrote this has her heart and brain connected and it is an amazingly well thought out piece that portrays in full on paper. Read again and pay attention to the stereotypes we are forcing on a society. This 11 year old has far more problems than those that came with being gang banged by these immoral 18 men. I can’t put it into words anywhere near as well as it has been done.

  27. As the survivor of a rape, I feel such pain for this child. The shame, the evil of a community that punishes the very minor victim and “forgives/justifies” the adults and teens who did the crime. This community should be very very glad that these men and boys are not in my husband’s country. The law is extremely specific on the punishment for this type of pure evil. And the trial and punishment (99% of the time is death) is usually under 1 month. None of this 2 and 3 years later to have a trial.

    God (swt) please give this child a circle of love and support she desperately needs. Ameen.

  28. We are all of one race…THE HUMAN RACE!! What is wrong is wrong no matter from what paradigm you are viewing this evil crime. The saddest part of this whole scenario is that everyone is jumping on the race wagon. Race and culture have NOTHING to do with this crime. A very young lady that was innocent by nature has been defiled by a group of evil people that deserve whatever punishment the justice system hands them. Having a very young girl in my own life raped has given me a different viewpoint on life, in general, and criminals, in particular…The justice system will never be capable of punishing these men to the extent that they actually deserve, but to make the victim in this crime the perpetrator is unthinkable. Don’t victimize the victim over and over again!! Eighteen times was enough!! Allow her to pick up the little shattered pieces of her life and leave her alone!!

    Only the best of love and luck to you, young lady!! You will be in my thoughts for the rest of my life…

  29. I work for a rape crisis center in Texas and have followed this story and read so much about it. Just want to let you know your words are by far the most effective of anything else I have read about this story. My heart cannot stop crying for this child.

    Thank you,


  30. This whole situation is terrible and I would have to agree with the woman that posted this blog. I have to post a comment about the one positive thing I have seen tonight regarding this story on HLN. There is an organization called and one of their members spoke to the reporter from HLN and inspired me to think that there are men out there that do want to see a change in our society and the way young men are raised. Thank goodness for that man and others that are pushing for better understanding and treatment of women. Hopefully they can get through to other young men before they would think of doing such a thing to another young, innocent girl.

  31. Thank you for writing this article about this horrendous crime of gang rape. I have written a number of articles on this topic myself. In the post that I just published, I put in a link back to this article. You will find my post with your link back at . Let me know what you think about my post.

  32. Will you let us know what you will be announcing your candidacy? I would like to put one of your signs in my yard. You have my supoort.

  33. Girls of color? I’m confused concerning when white girls were no longer depicted as such when raped. I know there was Elizabeth Smart. Harp playing backgrounds may be the exclusion but in Texas, white girls are faced with the same problem. Even mothers have testified against them.

  34. Just found this article and I will say that regardless of color, age, socioeconomic status, or gender, we live in a society where a rape victim will always be blamed for the rape. “She was asking for it”,”she was dressed like a slut”,”I could tell she wanted me”. No matter what, the victims are always blamed by someone. I believe that what needs to change, is not the psychology of the race/gender specifics surrounding the issue, but the overall psychology of “blaming a(ny) victim is acceptable”. You cannot change your skin, your culture, your ancestors. You can however, change your perceptions, your ideals, your morals, your socially acceptable behaviors you can change a life. Educate yourselves, educate your children on what is right in the world, that right there is a key that we have at our disposal! If these boys mommas had educated them, said to them “don’t you ever harm nobody, don’t you ever hurt somebody else’s baby!”, maybe, just maybe that poor child would not be at the mercy of the wolves of this world. My heart and my love goes to this little girl. I wish I could wrap her in my arms and keep her safe. I pray she is able to overcome and triumph over what has happened to her. She’ll never forget it, but she can fight it. She can rise up and not let it define her. I will have her in my prayers for the rest of my days now. Lord that she may overcome this and be strong!

  35. I as a black man feel no sympathy for any of the 18, all who get convicted will be ‘Big Bubbas’ women……so get that AZZZZZZ’ ready!

  36. No excuses for them……..they gonna get fukd for sure

  37. I don’t if she was 11 or 20 or 100. No matter how a woman or girl is dressed, that does not give any boy/man the “right” to rape. I don’t care is she was standing butt necked. The truth of the matter is there is something VERY wrong with men who rape. PERIOD. I often wonder, who the mothers are of these men. Seems to me, if they would have raised them right, that somebody’s son would have tried to stop it, called the police, etc. Now may they all rot in Hell, commonly called “prison.”

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