Potty Master: Getting Down to the Bizness of Doing His Bizness Where his Bizness Should be!

{Editor’s Note: I know we’ve been talking a lot about potty training here on MyBrownBaby, particularly since I partnered with GoodNites® to talk about my experiences getting my girls to stop wetting the bed. Promise, I don’t want to overwhelm you with the doing of the do, but this piece, by MyBrownBaby contributor Kia Morgan Smith, was just too funny. And plus, she needs our help desperately. Read on and leave a tip in the comments section!}


I’m on “Operation Lockdown.”

All units (Kaelani, Mikaela, Kaitlin and Milan) have been notified that the target (aka Jo-Jo “The Poopy-Butt Boy”) must be watched closely and dealt with swiftly! The house is under attack by “Poopy-butt” so momma’s gotta pull out some heavy artillery to get our little man to rightfully use the can (uh, that’s bathroom in military talk).

Okay, wait, the target is on the move around the house! Everyone in position. What… what’s that you say? FIRE IN THE HOLE! He done pooped on the floor again? Damn. Mission Impossible!

This is exactly the craziness that’s been going on in my house this past week. I am truly on Operation Lockdown trying to get my son to do his “bizness” in the potty. He just keeps doing Number 2 on the floor. And would you believe that he’s actually potty-trained (except for the pooping part)? He wears underwear all day and night. He doesn’t even use training pants when he sleeps. He wakes up at 2 a.m. every night and comes into my room to use the potty. He walks around all day and plays and tra-la-la’s into my room, pulls down his pants, pees in the potty and handles his business like the little man he is.

But lawd, the potty can’t be used for pooping. How gross that must be? At least I think that’s what he thinks! Then he has the nerve to not poop on himself. One day I saw that his pants were on inside out. I gave him the side-eye, pulled down his pants and found that he had a different pair of underwear on. The ones he took off were in the trash and his poop was hidden under a towel on my bathroom floor. Oh yeah, and there was a wash cloth next to the towel with poop on it. He had sense enough to wipe his booty clean. (Anybody with that much sense should at least have a job too. Just saying)

Here’s the thing, I watch him all the time but I have found that he actually hides from me and poops with pleasure somewhere secretly. I feel like Snow White with the seven dwarfs behind me as we all together go poop hunting around the house. Hi-ho, Hi-ho, poop-hunting we will go… Once I scolded him for pooping on the floor in his room and told him not to do it again. So he didn’t. The next day he pooped in his sister’s room on the floor. He got one-up on me with that one!

I even took the poop, put it in the potty, walked it into the bathroom, dumped it into the toilet and had him flush it. Eh, still didn’t work. The next day he just found a cozy nook and my carpet became a porcelain throne of his own. I read everything that Babycenter and other websites had to say about how sometimes boys can be stubborn. I’ve climbed every mountain and searched every source from sea to sea. By default my husband has become a carpet-steam-cleaning connoisseur because we clean it every day Jo-Jo’s been doing this.

His sisters are fed up dealing with his sh literally. I’ve even tried having him clean it up. Not a good thing with boys. That only incited his instinct to experiment and smear it on his wall, and dresser and he dumped it all over his sisters’ dolls. Funny how I didn’t find any poop on his Iron Man or Spiderman action figures.

So now, enough is enough. I had to get old-school with my boy. I’m on Day 3 of a total lockdown. I’ve locked him out of his room so he can’t do the do in there. But in the process I’ve inconvenienced my daughters because I have locked them out of their rooms too so I can keep an eye on him. All doors in our home are locked down and the ONLY door that’s open is my room the room that leads to the potty. So far this stubborn little boy has held his poop for THREE days! Mind you, he normally goes every day.

I can see, pawt’ner, we’re at a standoff.

I would really like some feedback from those of you who have gone through this. What methods have you tried? I will put your suggestions into action and I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that he makes the connection to poop in the potty. That or I just might have to enlist his grandmom to help. And we all know that grandmoms can git er’ done!

Kia Morgan Smith, author of the delightful children’s book, Goony Goo-Goo and Ga-Ga Too, is a passionate and dedicated educator and former award-winning education reporter from Philadelphia. She has five kids and balances life like nobody’s business all of which she chronicles on her blog,CincoMom. She lives with her husband and their family in Atlanta.

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  1. Oh my gosh potty training was a nightmare when all adults aren’t on the same page.

    Make sure noone lets these poops slip by. The way we finally got her pooping on the toilet was two things:

    1. Have her change her own diapers, and wipe her own butt.
    2. Bring a kids potty into her room, where she could comfortably poop in privacy.

  2. Kia Morgan Smith

    Anthony great advice because I actually thought about putting the potty chair in his room but feared that he would dig in it and we’d have poopy paint on the walls. But I think I’ll try it. I gotta try it at this point. Thanks for commenting! Glad to know I’m not alone in this! 🙂

  3. When we had this issue we moved straight to the top of the bribery…I mean reward…scale. It was right after the first Cars movie had come out and we bought a ton of the little figurine cars that sold for $2-3/each and put them on top of the bookshelf where he’d see them constantly and his little heart lusted for them. 🙂 He had to poop in the potty to have one, nothing else counted. And just keeping it real…we also gave him children’s stool softener to make sure that nothing was hurting him, especially if he’d been holding it for awhile. Also, a really deep,fairly warm bath will make him feel like he needs to go so if he can tell you that it’s a good chance to get started with success.

    • Kia Morgan Smith

      Too funny. Jamey my son LOVES cars and not just the movie. Any car all shapes and sizes, so you know what, I’m gonna have to get my bribe game on! A momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do! Thanks!!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!! LOL

  5. Oh dear… I’ve been taking a “let nature lead the way” approach to MiniM’s potty training. (Read: he knows where the potty is, but he knows where the training pants are, too) His big brother obligingly did the potty training within about 3 weeks so he could go to day care. Is this what I have to look forward to???

    • Kia Morgan Smith

      Lisa, how old is your son? I’m kinda under the “gun” to get him trained because on August 7th he turns 3 and in August he will attend a preschool where it’s required that he be FULLY potty trained with no pull-ups or training pants. And by golly, he’s GOING to this school!! lol

  6. Kia Morgan Smith

    UPDATE: Because all the doors were locked he went downstairs and pooped on the dining room floor. I have now purchased a gate for the top of the stairs so he can’t get downstairs at all. Day FOUR in full effect! He will SURRENDER!

  7. Roses Daughter

    Omg! I have no advice because I just started potty training myself. But this is hilarious! Such willpower! I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but it will help me keep my sanity when it happens to me! Anxious to see how you resolve this!

    • Kia Morgan Smith

      LOL! Roses, I am going to start praying for you NOW! LOL. Hopefully your son (or daughter) will not be as stubborn as mine! Thanks

  8. Hi, My son does he same and he’s ten, he’s also autistic. When he started potty training , he never wet the bed and he is not bowel trained, he will definitely stand over to the side do his business and then tell me he has gone on himself. we have a behavioral doctor coming in our home and she suggests this:

    make the situation uncomfortable for him, i.e. make him clean it up with you. when he does it run him to the bathroom and then back to the spot and then back to the bathroom. use language like “we do poops in the toilet not here on the floor” this is the toilet/potty here is where we do poops. then if the pooping on the floor persists, watch the schedule, if he is going everyday at the same time, put him there for 5-10 minutes. then get him up wait 3 then put him back on another 5-10 and see if that works.

    for rewarding, try food, not candy (i don’t give my kids white sugar) so i would suggest something that he likes to do but can’t do. My kids it’s the wii (they only play friday – sunday) with Cai he has a good day (no accidents) he gets an hour on the wii. Good luck!

  9. Kia Morgan Smith

    Thanks Allysa,
    I’m so glad you’re getting the help and support you need going through this situation. You have some great suggestions and I plan to put them all in play. I will try a bit of what everyone is suggesting because I need to have a FULL bag of tricks for this little stinker. Thank so much for the advice!

  10. Hilarious post! I couldn’t agree more about how tough it is since my 2 year DD old is also in this phase. Fortunately, she’s been pretty good thus far though I’m expecting setbacks. I’ve always wondered about that myth that boys are “slower” than girls at potty training. I hate giving into myths like that but is there some truth to it?

  11. I’d love to hear how this ended for you. I’m just starting my son on potty training and we had two poop on the floor accidents today. Hoping it’s not a trend but just in case, would love to know how you tackled it in the end.

  12. Please tell me how this ended for you! I loved your narrative, and It has given me a bit of perspective. 🙂

  13. I need help I have a two year old boy who has been peeing in the potty on and off since he was 18 mths he’s always been interested however he has shut down days:(. And will not poop at all in the potty .. He doesn’t hide and right after he poop he says mommy I have to potty … So I’m wondering if the full substation to poop isn’t there I need help first time potty trainer here

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