MBB Fresh: Mobilizing Moms In Support Of Women’s Health & Economic Rights (HERrights)


On the anniversaries of the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment and the 1963 March on Washington, which are this week, MomsRising is joining women’s rights organizations and mom bloggers to mobilize women voters around the preservation of women’s Health and Economic Rights (HERrights) a movement designed to build an even stronger nation that lives up to its full potential.

The current extremist attacks on women’s health and family economic security serve to weaken the United States and our families, not strengthen them. Frankly, when family economic and health security is threatened, we are all threatened.

To counter these threats, MomsRising has joined forces with the leadership of HERvotes, which includes organizations that are on the very forefront of women’s equity issues, including those representing women of color, women’s faith groups, and women labor leaders, along with a mixture of long-standing organizations like the 130-year-old AAUW, relatively new organizations like the 5-year-old MomsRising, and many more groups dedicated to fighting on behalf of women and their families.

We have all joined forces to bring the power of grassroots organizing both on-the-ground and online to mobilize women voters. As a start, this week, MyBrownBaby is partnering with MomsRising.org to launch that effort with a cross organization HERvotes blog carnival and social media effort.

Take a moment now to scroll down and read below for a cross-organization #HERvotesBlog Carnival of powerful posts from a diverse group of writers and organizations lifting their voices on our behalf.

This blog post is part of the #HERvotes Blog Carnival. I encourage you to visit, enjoy and comment on the many blog posts written in support of women, moms, children and families, and Tweet and FaceBook this post, in addition to the ones you read on MomsRising.org, with the #HERvotes hashtag to lift your voice, too.

For more information on MomsRising.org, click here.

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  1. Love MomsRising! Women in other countries have fought tooth and nail for rights we still don’t enjoy here in the states. I hope before my daughter is in the workforce and having her own children that we have paid maternity leave, real support for breastfeeding, that our right to choose is still intact and that we have real healthcare for everyone. I can dream, right?

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