Herman Cain’s Bizarre World: Where Decency and Respect For Women Doesn’t Matter

I’ve remained (mostly) silent on the mess that is Herman Cain’s candidacy; frankly, anyone who even remotely begins an argument about our economy by blaming the unemployed, unions and public servants—teachers, cops, firemen, etc.—for their joblessness, makes clear that he doesn’t need to be an expert at foreign policy because he’ll have experts in his cabinet to tell him what he should do and avoids hard press conference questions by lurching into a warbled, watery acapella version of “Amazing Grace,” absolutely does not deserve one iota of the brain power it would take for me to argue with a wall, much less his supporters. Still, I’ve made no bones that I feel some kinda way about ceding our country—51% of which is occupied by women—to a dude who appears to be a serial sexual harasser and so completely and thoroughly sloppy and utterly disrespectful to his wife that he would let her and their 43-year marriage continue to be dragged through the mud while his 13-year (!) jump-off swan dives into the sordid details of their messy affair for anyone with a camera and a microphone. Seriously, do we want that guy crafting policy on behalf of women, mothers and children? Really?

Thank God I’m not alone in my thinking. The hubs made a similar argument on PopularCritic.com. Check it:

Out here in the real world where us regular folks reside, when we hire someone to perform a task for us, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is, “Is this person disciplined enough to do the job?” It’s a basic requirement among grown-ups, whether you’re tutoring a 10-year-old, painting a house or running a multi-million-dollar corporation—you must put aside all whims, oddities and distractions long enough to get the job done. If you can’t do that, you need to gather up your tools and keep stepping.

But then there’s the bizarre, erratic, delusional world where Herman Cain’s brain resides.

None of these rules apply in Herman’s head. In Herm Land, you can indulge every whim that drifts your way—whether it’s sticking your hand up an employee’s crotch, having adulterous affairs that last longer than many people’s marriages, running for President of the United States without sitting down to study the issues, or spending your days campaigning in states that don’t even have primaries anytime soon. In Herm Land, you just make up your own rules as you go along—common sense, decency and decorum be damned.

Herman Cain has got to be the sloppiest dude ever to run for major public office…

My man has a beautiful mind. Click here to read the rest of his post at POPULARCRITIC.COM.

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  1. Wow, well said! Enough already with him. It’s almost insulting, really.

  2. I love it!!! However, lest we forget Gary Hart and the SS Monkey Business…that was pretty sloppy too. Or two more pols – Newt Gingrich and John Edwards – eeew!

  3. Even before the women became coming out of the woodwork, he was very questionable – this just takes it all to another level. It is definitely a sad state of affairs when after all of this he still has supporters (even though they’ve declined somewhat) contributing to his campaign and showing up to his speaking engagements. As a husband and father, it shows that he’s a habitual cheater as he does not seem to be fazed by the damage this is doing to his family and truly believes he’s done nothing wrong and is the victim. Hopefully, the Herman Cain debacle will soon be over.

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