Michelle Obama Supporting Military Families & Random Dancing On iCarly

Michelle Obama, who’s Let’s Move campaign enlisted Beyonce last year to help get children to hit their Dougie, will kick off 2012 with a little random dancing on the hit Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly—this time to show her support for military families.

The First Lady will guest-star in an episode in which Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her friends set up a surprise birthday party webcast for Carly’s dad, an Air Force colonel who, because of his obligation to his country, can’t make it home to celebrate with his children. Mrs. Obama surprises Carly to commend her for supporting military families—an accolade that Mrs. Obama, too, has enjoyed since founding Joining Forces, an initiative she founded to help, support and recognize American soldiers and their families.

Of course, when there  are celebrities on the premises, they just have to appear on Carly’s webcast, iCarly, and once they’re guests, random dancing is involved. If you don’t know about it, ask your kids. Michelle Obama cuts a mean rug in front of iCarly cameras, too. Check out the sneak peak clip featuring Sasha and Malia’s mom, a.k.a. “Your Excellency,” getting her dance on to Maroon 5’s “Can’t Stop.” Adorable!




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  1. Love Michelle! I think it’s great that she’s interacting with the media to get kids active and honoring our troops! No shade on the MRS. but does she wear the same outfit for all her kids tv appearnaces?d

  2. Oh my word. Never in a million years would you see Nancy Reagan cutting a rug on a Nickelodeon kids show. That’s why Mrs. Obama will go down in history as being the flyest First Lady ever. She took it to a whole notha level.

    My best, Lynn
    *thanks for giving me this smile so early in the day!

  3. 🙂 Wow, well its always good to see such positivity !

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