MyBrownBaby Fresh: Is Michelle Obama An Angry Black Woman? And Other Things To Consider

Farai Chideya writes: “Strong first ladies have had one set of challenges. The first African-American first lady of the United States faces another: the difference between being “strong” and being “angry.” It’s not clear that [author] Jodi Kantor sets out to make Michelle Obama seem angry as much as a Black Tiger Mother, intent on protecting cubs Malia and Sasha. (In fact, much of the book [The Obamas] is devoted to how the Obamas work to parent their children with an eye to both their safety and growing autonomy, and how the fame of politics makes that difficult.) But is being angry always wrong? {CNN}

And other stories that made me look…

When it comes to baby teeth, pacifiers suck {New York Times}

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Study: Black boys get less attention, lower grades {NewsOne}

Whites and Welfare: GOP and the Food Stamp Fallacy. {TheRoot}

Turns Out the Largest Recipient of Haiti’s Relief Money Is the U.S. {Colorlines}

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Black and Latino—Laz Alonso, Tatyana Ali and Soledad O’Brien talk about colorism in the Latino community {YouTube}

A Collection of vernacular photographs documenting African-Americana. {Waheed Photo Archive, Tumblr}

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  1. I don’t think that Michelle Obama is angry, at all. I also agree that it’s not always a bad thing to be angry. In this world there are plenty of issues that deserve our anger. I think it’s all about how you channel that. Many times women who are passionate about issues are dismissed as angry because it’s easier than listening to what we have to say.

    At any rate, I just blogged about why I think Michelle Obama is a wonderful First Lady and role model for my daughter.

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