On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Skip The Shopping And Get In Some Service To Others

So this new poll from SodaHead.com says that more than half of Americans think we should go to work and school on the day the nation celebrates Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. I’m not sure which Americans they actually talked to over there, but I do know this: the people who think we should be somewhere slaving for the man or having someone teach our kids’ “slave math” on the day we should be meditating on Dr. King’s legacy and putting his words into action are probably somewhere in Sears, taking advantage of all those great MLK sales. Right. While they’re there, we and a host of other MyBrownBaby families will be honoring Dr. King by doing what we’re sure he would have wanted the nation to do to celebrate how far America has come: we’re going to participate in a day of service—helping others. My kids will be standing shoulder to shoulder, side to side, next to kids and parents whom during my lifetime—I was born in 1968—would not have been able to do so, particularly down here in the South, had it not been for the passion, intelligence and strength of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. Clearly not enough Black people invited to participate in this survey. I don’t think it’s cool for Americans to think that MLK Day isn’t a real holiday. Just goes to show that we still have to make sure our voices are getting heard when it comes to these kinds of situations and nonsense.

  2. i’m a black american and it’s hard to think of MLK day as a holiday… for the record, i have the same feeling for other “holidays” including thanksgiving, christmas, 4th of july, etc… absolutely every traditional holiday has been overshadowed and watered down with pop culture, superficiality, and nothingness. sad!

    i had to REMIND myself that Jesus was the reason for the season…. society wants us to believe that walmart was the reason for the season…


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