Dad Of the Year: Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop After She Disses Parents On FaceBook

I promise you, this video gave me LIFE today. It’s star? A disgruntled dad pissed that his 15-year-old daughter took to Facebook to complain about and cuss her parents for making her do chores around the house. Though she tried to block he rants so that her parents couldn’t see it, bone head seems to have forgotten that her Dad is an IT expert—a wee-bit smarter than most 15-year-olds give adults credit for. Yeah. Let’s just say that pops not only found the post, but one-upped his daughter in a BIG way. With a video camera of his own and a .45. Press play and, after you finish laughing and applauding this man, show it to your smart ass kids. You’re welcome.

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Denene Millner

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  1. I saw it yesterday and it made my day. It is a good thing we are not as stupid as our teens think we are.

  2. I loved this video. I think while he may have overreacted, he was well within his rights to address his daughter’s behavior and to do so publicly. I don’t think her blasting her parents was normal teen behavior- at least not in the way she did it. If this were her journal and she was ranting like this and he snooped, that would be wrong, but she put this on Facebook.. serves her right.

  3. My hubby said he heard about this video on the Radio yesterday. It has obviously struck a cord with parents around the country. This dad broke it down didn’t he? LOL! I think this is awesome. These teens think they got parents shook. He is obviously Old School. Here’s to Old School Parents!

  4. Those darn IT Parents strike again…hilarous. Lesson here, never underestimate your parents. We only ACT like we don’t know. Key word..ACT

  5. Almost 16,000,000 views?!?!?!? Since Wednesday?!?!?!

  6. all this video taught his daughter is that he can act like a bigger fool than she did.

  7. It looks to me that this dad had taken about all that he could take. His daughter obviously was a repeat offender and finally struck that final cord and he went bananas. One day his daughter will thank him for establishing boundaries and rules. We all need rules in order to be less self-centered and productive citizens. She must have gotten alot of “likes,” bc he was animate how her friends approved of her rant.

  8. Beautiful! I will NEVER get tired of watching this, lol.

  9. LOVE IT! Parents across America can use this as an example, sometimes it takes more than a grounding to get a child’s’ attention.

  10. Holy…..LOL.

    He coulda just sent me the laptop and saved the rounds! ROFLOL!!!

    Classic! Pops Rocks!

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