What’s Wrong With This McDonald’s Barbie Ad? And Other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links

*Sigh* This is McDonald’s latest kid’s meal promotion. The fast food restaurant, which has found itself under hot water for a minority marketing campaign that had African American and Latino actors rapping and dancing while they got their Big Mac on, is under hot water again, this time for a Happy Meal ad featuring a little black girl daydreaming about the Mattel Barbie dolls that come in the popular kid’s meal. It seems harmless, until you take a closer look. What’s wrong with this picture? Clutch breaks it down.

And other stories that caught our eye…

Home-birth advocate dies in childbirth (TodayMoms)

Planned Parenthood says Komen decision causes donation spike (Washington Post)

Black Women and Infertility: It’s Not Just a White Woman Issue (Loop21)

Autistic boy, 15, shot to death in his home after attacking police. (Chicago Tribune)

“Not Another One!” 10 Things I Wish My Kid Wouldn’t Collect (Babble)

Black People Don’t Kill Themselves, Right? (Our Bassey Ikpi on TheRoot.com)

From the “No Duh” files: New study links racism, prejudice and conservatism to low IQ (TheGriot.com)

Five Inexpensive Ideas For Mother-Daughter Time (BlackAndMarriedWithKids)

Today’s Teens Behave Better Than Their Parents (New York Times)

Happy reading, everyone—and have a joyful weekend! (Oh yeah—and GO GIANTS!)

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  1. in 2012 it amazes me the lack of race-awareness that still exists in marketing. you would think that since they want our money that they would pay more attention.
    xoxo, adri

  2. It seems like we will have to continue to educate, educate, educate. What are people thinking? We have to be vigilant in encouraging our children and building their self confidence.

  3. It was obvious to me at first glance. I wonder if McDonald’s has a racially diverse marketing team.

  4. Does anybody even look at these ads before they go out?!?

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