Maya Angelou’s Note To Her 15-Year-Old Self (VIDEO)

Gail King recently debuted a new segment on CBS This Morning called, “Note To Self,” a series that invites celebrities to write personal letters to their younger selves and share them with the audience. Celebrated poet, author and activist Maya Angelou kicked off the series with a stunning letter to her 15-year-old self, imploring her to realize her humanity through a beautiful piece of art. This quote brought tears to my eyes:

Find some beautiful art and admire it and realize that that was created by a human being, just like you. No more human, no less. The person may have keener eye sight, a better ear, the person might have a more live body and can dance, but the person can not be more human than you. That is very important because that ensures you that you are a human being and nothing human can be alien to you… they can’t be more human than you.

Press play, show this to your babies and be blessed.

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  1. “Every step towards success is a step towards liberation.” We have to teach our children that laziness is not an option!

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