Vote To Get Derrick Barnes’ Ruby & The Booker Boys Series On Walmart Shelves

I’m making this short and sweet because really, what I’m going to ask you to do is quick and easy: MyBrownBaby’s own Derrick Barnes entered his delightful children’s book series, Ruby & the Booker Boys, into the WalMart “Get On The Shelf” contest and he needs your votes to help him win.

The American Idol-styled “Get On the Shelf” contest will three contestants the chance to get their products virtual shelf space on The Grand Prize winner’s product will be sold on, featured on the site’s home page and a shot at valuable shelf space in select Walmart stores across the country.

What does your vote get for Derrick? A chance for his series, about a little brown girl who makes her mark at her new school by doing her best to outshine her older brothers, to get into the biggest store in the galaxy. What does your vote get for you? Access to a primo, quality book series featuring a chocolate girlpie and her adorable family, in the biggest store in the galaxy. Your babies will love you. Derrick will love you. And MyBrownBaby, a huge advocate of quality black books for ALL children, will be pleased to see its favorite children’s series introduced to the masses in a big, huge, stratospheric way.

SO GO VOTE! Give Ruby & the Booker Boys the thumbs up in Walmart’s “Get On the Shelf” contest by visiting Derrick’s page on the “Get On the Shelf” website and voting via text or Facebook. Text 2025 to 383838 to give lil’ Ruby your personal thumbs up AND CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR RUBY & THE BOOKER BOYS via Facebook.

You can vote everyday, twice a day—once via text and once via Facebook—through April 12. That’s when all the votes will be tallied and the Top 10 finalists will be announced. Let’s make sure Ruby & the Booker Boys makes it on that final “Get On the Shelf” list—and to Walmart’s shelves. I thank you and I know Derrick does, too. Get to texting! (Oh! And like this post, tweet it, share it on Pinterest—launch it out into the universe so that children everywhere can experience Ruby’s chocolatey goodness!)


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  1. You got it!!!! I will be voting everyday!

  2. I have a 7 year old boy, and he needs to see people whom look like him in books!!! He LOVES to read, and although I am O.K. with “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, I would like him to see people of color doing GREAT THINGS!!!

  3. My daughter makiya really love your books but she don’t have the purple one so I really hope she get the book.

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