Clean Like A Mother: the Method All-Purpose Cleaner Put To the MyBrownBaby Test

For the past month, I’ve been cleaning like a mother with method’s all-purpose cleaner to see if it stands up to the tried-and-true cleaning products I’ve been using in my kitchen since I started busting suds and wiping down counters at age 12. I mean, I’ve been putting this stuff through the paces like you wouldn’t believe—on the counters, on the stove, on the refrigerator, on the shredder and the coffee machine, even on the wood floor. And you know what? I’m. In. Love.

Please understand: nothing makes me happier than a clean kitchen. Dishes washed, dried and put away, floor swept, kitchen table polished to a shine, counters cleared and buffed to an anti-bacterial sparkle—all in a room that smells c.l.e.a.n—that’s how I like it. That’s how I want it. I call it Mommy Clean, and anyone in this house who’s on kitchen duty knows, if it’s not Mommy Clean, it’s not clean—period. And I had a cabinet full of sprays, scrubs, liquids and potions—most of which I grew up using and kept buying when I got a home of my own—to make sure anyone on kitchen duty could get the job done right.

Of course, this means I was a serious skeptic of tossing out my tried-and-trues for method’s all-purpose cleaner because, well, it’s a “green” product and I’ve been down that road before: environmentally-friendly products I’ve tried in the past either stank to high Heaven or were so weak I had to use doggone near the entire bottle to get something halfway clean. But the good folk at method promised that one squirt of non-toxic glory delivers a “mighty cleaning punch” with naturally biodegradable ingredients derived from corn and coconut that “break down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean.”

Uh huh. So I made a point of putting my method Lime + Sea Salt all-purpose cleaner to work, you hear me? I was all, but can it get the dried raw egg off the counter from where the 12-year-old cooked breakfast? Can it get popcorn butter and spaghetti sauce drippings out of the microwave? Can it get up the coffee I spilled all over the stove? And if this stuff is as bad (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good) as the folk at method say it is, it shouldn’t have a problem getting the grease and funk of a thousand years off the stovetop hood, right? Right?


I promise you, method’s all-purpose cleaner is everything, okay? Not only did it slay the grease and toxic food spills, it made my kitchen smell absolutely delicious. Not like the- lobby-of-project-freshly-scrubbed-by-the-super-with-industrial-strength-chemicals clean, but like lime-and-sea-salt-and-Outkast-so-fresh-and-so-clean-clean clean. My kitchen is sexaaay. And now I’m using that all-purpose cleaner on everyyyythinggg. The kitchen. The bathrooms. The tops of Lila’s funky, sticky dressers. Even my car. Word.

On occasion when I’m spraying stuff down, I sing the little ditty in this method Clean Like A Mother video, featuring method’s official spokesinger, Noah, who serenaded me and the #MethodMavens in the white suit with the guitar when I visited the method headquarters a month or so ago. Dude was hee-larious. Give a little squirt, give a little squirt…

Want to give a little squirt of the method all-purpose cleaner at your place? Join the method Facebook page and  snap up a $1 coupon under the “perks” tab; you can use the coupon at any U.S. retailer that sells method products. Score! For my Canadian folk: instead of downloading the coupon, use the discount code “CLEANME” at for your discount. Clean happy!

So you know: I recently partnered with Method to write about my family’s experiences with the company’s cleaning products. Yes, I’m getting a check for this. No, they’re not paying me to say nice things about their product. As always, my experiences and opinions are my own

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Denene Millner

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  1. I think your review was better than any commercial I’ve seen. It definitely makes me want to try it.

  2. Sabrina Magwood

    I am a big fan of method cleaners I have been using them for over a year now.

  3. I recently made the switch over to Method and I L.O.V.E it!!

  4. O.K. O.K. you talked me into trying it-LOL!!!
    I love your review and always wondered if other Method products worked (I love their hand soap) I was scared to try it because I was used to my tried and true PineSol and Clorox cleaners! But I think next time I go for a Target run I will pick up the AP cleaner and give it a try. My microwave needs it!!

  5. last summer i won 3 cases of method from method. a case of detergent, a case of hand soap and a case of dish soap. it was the best thing that ever happened to our home. i since have switch every single cleaning product to method. AND recently started using their body soap. ITS AWESOME! if they start doing shampoo i will pass out and then buy it——FOREVER!!

  6. Now I have to try some. Good endorsement

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