NY Jets Star Antonio Cromartie Has His 10th Child by 8 Women—And Fights to Keep Them Off Television


With 10 children by eight different women, New York Jets star cornerback Antonio Cromartie has become the poster child for irresponsible fatherhood. Or maybe he should become the new spokesman for Trojan condoms. Can’t you picture the ad?

Use us, or you could be him!

The Cromartie baby watch kicked up again as his wife Terricka gave birth to a new son, Jagger, the second child that Cromartie has had with Terricka (pictured above with Cromartie and their daughter). So the Cromartie watchers are anxiously awaiting the next child, which would give him eleven—officially enough to field a football team.

We are not trying to pile on and become a part of the gossip parade ridiculing this man for his birth control choices—or lack of choices—but I felt it necessary to comment on another decision Cromartie has recently made in reference to his children. His ex-girlfriends are trying to get together and make a reality TV show about them and their kids. The women, who are from California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey—likely all stops on the Jets traveling schedule—want to spread Cromartie’s infamy around the globe and continue to embarrass the hell out of him every week.

“Our kids need to know who their siblings are,” one of the moms, Ryan Ross, told the New York Post. “It’s bigger than our past with Antonio. It’s about our children.”

Apparently the only way for the children to get to know each other is in the presence of TV cameras and a paycheck for Mama.

But Cromartie has blocked the filming of his children. Apparently the man has had occasion to view a certain television reality show featuring the wives (or girlfriends, or former girlfriends, or one-time jumpoffs) of athletes—yes, I’m talking about “Basketball Wives”—and he knows that there’s really only one likely result when you point the cameras in the direction of his baby mamas: Not only will he be profoundly embarrassed, but the cause of African-American upliftment and enlightenment will probably be set back several decades.

So we congratulate the Cromarties on the birth of their new son and we hope that Antonio can chill for a little while before fielding that football team. Might we direct him to the family planning section at the local drug store. And please, Lord Jesus, keep them baby mamas off the boob tube.


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  1. And that’s how they do black women too; I bet he’ll settle down and marry a non-black woman. People like him always give non-blacks our best in everything, yet give their own people the worst.

    This crazy madness and the cycle of kids being raised in fatherless homes must stop!

  2. There’s no way I would marry or even have any type of relationship with man that has that many kids. They should all be glad that they don’t have AIDS, or some other type of STD.

  3. Kenneth Davis

    I don’t know how many of you feel about this, but before he was traded to the Jets from Arizona he had an outstanding child support debt of over $100k and the Jets had to pay off his child support debt before Cromartie joined the team. I’m not sure of any other circumstances surrounding this other than he owed over six figures in child support.

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