No Excuses: Vote In the 2012 Presidential Election Today. And Pick President Obama. Period.

Here’s how I see what is predicted to be an epic day at the polls for the 2012 Presidential Election between President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney: there will be long lines. Lots of shenanigans by organizations who’ve dedicated themselves to suppressing the last vestige of true American democracy—the ability to cast a vote, sans intimidation and interference. And one too many folks who, frustrated, will either make it to the lines and decide it’s not worth it to wait, or who will bypass voting altogether. Which is so not fresh.

I mean, if you can stand on the line to get in the club, you can stand in the line to vote.

If you didn’t mind standing in line to get into that Mary J. Blige concert, you can stand in the line to vote.

If you can sit in the plastic chairs, waiting your turn to get your hair/nails/brows done, you can stand in line to vote.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a line on Black Friday, trying to cop the $15 leather gloves, you can stand in the line to vote.

Stop playing. Get to it. Vote.

Don’t know where to go? Click here to find your polling place.

Someone giving you a hard time in the line? After you lay them out for trying you, you can file a complaint:

Did early voting? Or, by some miracle of miracles, your wait was short and voting went quickly? Offer a ride to someone else who has trouble making it to the polls. Buy some water and bring folding chairs and umbrellas to polling places with long wait lines and pass them out to the elderly and the infirm and people with fidgety babies.

Still not sure who you’ll pull the lever for? Check out my post, “Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama In the 2012 Presidential Election.

Oh yeah—be crystal clear with it: I’ve got President Obama’s back this election and, if God is willing and the creek don’t rise, he’ll have my full support for the next four years. Because I love what he’s doing for this country. I can’t stand Mitt Romney’s haughty, cold-hearted ass. And frankly, I adore that the country—heck, the world—gets to see what’s up there in that pictures illustrating this post.






President Barack Obama for president 2012. Period.

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