The Curse Of the “Phat” Booty, Plus: Love & Slavery, the Central Park Five, Mariah Carey & More

I spent a lifetime being ashamed of my bodacious butt and thick thighs, and a second lifetime being too afraid to flaunt it out of fear that showing off my curves would elicit the unwanted “Damn, you got a phat ass!” comments from random dudes that always seemed to follow me down streets, hallways and anywhere else I walked. Now, at age 44, I must say I’m really kind of amazed at how far popular culture has come from the days  when anything that couldn’t fit into those stupid Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache jeans was WAY too much. Curves now are not only a good thing—they’re wanted. But, as noted in a brilliant blog post by’s Melanie Yvette, is this a good thing?

Are we really praising curves in today’s African-American culture, or now demanding them? And if we are demanding them, are we only demanding and simultaneously praising a certain “type” of curvature amongst Black women? I’d say yes and yes, and it’s doing nothing but once again, tearing down the self-esteem of Black girls all over.

I love the fresh perspective Melanie takes in this post—and it really gave me food for thought as I work to help my 13-year-old girlpie accept, embrace and rock her curves responsibly. Check out, “The Case of the ‘Phat’ Ass: Are We Really Praising Curves, or Demanding Them?” at

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And no matter if you’re totally rocking your reindeer ears while you sit back, sipping egg nog and singing Christmas carols under your overdecorated tree or you’re still struggling to get you some quality holiday spirit, I know you’re going to love these two videos. I mean, how can you not love DMX singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?” Or Mariah Carey rocking out to “All I Want For Christmas” with an instrumental accompaniment from the Roots? On kid instruments? Yup—you’re welcome! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Denene! “Growing into our backsides” is an issue a lot of women deal with and it is so freeing when we realize that whether it’s big and round or cute and compact, we are beautiful and we should celebrate it and ourselves at any size. Please visit Venus Blogs when you get a chance as they also help promote women’s empowerment as you do:

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