California Pre-School Sex Scandal: School Closing Its Doors After 4- and 5-Year-Olds Admit Oral Sex

A church-run pre-school in Carson, California is shutting down after parents found out kindergarteners were allegedly giving each other oral sex, and now families of the abused children are stepping forward to file a class-action lawsuit against the school, church, principal, teacher and an alleged child perpetrator.

ABC News reports that at least two young boys say they received oral sex from a 5-year-old girl while attending classes at the First Lutheran Church of Carson School, where the children are students. The children were giving each other oral sex in a tunnel slide, on the playground, outside of a bathroom and at nap time, while teachers aides who were supposed to be watching the kids slept. One mother of a 5-year-old former student told KABC-TV that sexual encounters between 4- and 5-year-old students were an “everyday thing” at the school, and that she pulled her daughter out of the school in October after she was caught by a teacher performing oral sex in the bathroom on a 4-year-old boy.

“I said, ‘Where did you see this? How did you know that this was something to do? ‘She said, ‘I saw another little girl do it.’ I said, ‘Well, where?’ ‘Here at school.’ ‘When?’ ‘During nap time,'” the mother said. “It’s unfathomable on so many levels. For one, that it actually happened. For two, where it happened. For three, how often something happened.” 

Another parent, Richard McCarthy, said he found out what was going on between the students after his 4-year-old son told him about “all the bad things” that a 5-year-old girl was doing to him. Now, the father added, he is afraid to switch his child to another school because he fears his son, who is having a hard time processing the act, will be a “predator” among other children.

Greg Owens, attorney of the victims, blamed the scandal on “a lack of supervision,” and vowed to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of at least four students and, perhaps, more a new students come forward. “Their lives will be ruined in many ways,” Owen said of the students. “And we know there are many more.”

The First Lutheran Church of Carson School was cited by the California Department of Social Services for “at least one sexual incident that involved young students.” It also was charged with an “overall lack of supervision and an improper teacher-child ratio.”

Meanwhile, the school insists that it is shutting down because the principal is quitting and no teacher is willing to replace her—not because little kids were having oral sex all up and through their school

And really, folks, that’s all I have to say about this particular story. Because though I have 40 years on McCarthy’s 4-year-old son, like him, I simply can not process how a bunch of preschoolers know enough about sexual relations to give each other oral sex. Or how it could come to be that everyone in the school but the adults knows that 4- and 5-year-old preschoolers are giving each other oral sex at nap time and out on the playground. I just can’t with this today.

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Denene Millner

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  1. Their is so much anger in my heart when I read this! Are the teachers showing the students this? What is going on? There is absolutely nothing to say about this: i’m speechless!

  2. As the mother of a 5yr old who is in daycare, this makes my stomach turn. And it makes me want to cry. And shake someone.

  3. Because sexual abuse is contagious. When kids are abused, they sometimes act our their trauma with others. With a lack of proper supervision, it spreads. That’s why it’s so prevalent in foster homes and orphanages where abused kids are thrown together without enough supervision. This story is devastating and I hope they figure out who the original perpetrator was because this doesn’t occur in a vacuum.

  4. We have to remember it all starts at home. One or some of those kids saw their parents performing oral sex or someone has been watching porn. The only fault of the teachers is poor supervision. The fault lies with what ever is going on at home….poor supervision.

    • And God only knows what going on at home. I use to work as a sub at a school were a sub was fired from something that happen similar. And these kids were all in kindergarten having orgy sex in the closet. The sub was fired immediate because she left them alone to see about a fight in the hall. The little girl who apparently initiated the sex was an abuse victim; she also had spent time in a foster home.
      Also I notice when kids are that young they also talk about what happen to them or what mommy and daddy or daddy and daddy or mommy and mommy are doing in the home, in this little girl case it was mommy and mommy looking and porn. This was also a big story that hit the news.

  5. This world we live in is enough to make you sick on a daily basis…and to day this is the story that has made me sick and hurt for our future….teachers napping, babies giving each other oral sex, and a person that won’t admit that admit any wrongdoing…

  6. the hell? this story is so many levels of sick. i’m with you, denene: i can’t today.

  7. Ahhhh….another birth control story. Thanks peeps! Scheduling my Tubal ligation for next week.

  8. 🙁

  9. Poor supervision does not even begin to explain this mess. This is criminal neglect. What day care leaves children unattended for long enough for this to happen repeatedly? That’s a violation of law. The law doesn’t say that the supervision requirements are less when they are sleeping. And this happened on the playground???

    I don’t think this necessarily is the case of parents watching porn or children seeing oral sex being performed outside of school. I think, as a PP wrote, that a child has been abused and acted out the abuse at school. Given the criminal neglect, other children saw it and began acting it out too.

    As a parent, I would sue the stuffing out of this church. I would also press the authorities that regulate these day cares on what they are doing as far as surprise checks and visits. My mother ran a family day care for years, and while the surprise checks are a pain, they are there to make sure kids are safe and being taken care of properly.

  10. 1. Kids having kids. 2. Kid-parents still want to engage in titillating behavior, i.e, watching raunchy videos, listening to sexually explicit lyrics. 3. Kid-parents don’t care that their kids are watching or have to listen to this mess while in the car on the way to being dropped off at daycare. 4. Kid-parents think their kids are asleep while they are “entertaining” baby-daddy #2 or #3; they’re not.

  11. I am so very, very sad.

  12. This story has me sick to my stomach. What is going on with our world today?

  13. Wow…im mad as well for these little one’s. I do a surprise check up at my sons daycare all the time and I suggest others do the same. Im also asking what did you do in school today, im just curious that if this was asked long before now in general conversation with your kids im sure the conversation about little jimmy touched me wrong on the playground would have come up, but they taking the heat after several, say it with me several incidents that should havenot even gotten this farcause iwould be at the schoolimmediately I pray that these babies do not have a negative mental impact regarding this incident to think this the normal…praying for our babies and

  14. IdiosyncraticBess

    I have come across a lot of comments blaming the father for filing the law suit for his own ‘financial’ gain and shaming his son as a now ‘sexual predator’.

    To be honest, I know this father is doing the right thing and from my own personal experience of not having a similar situation dealt with, this father has handled this situation well. My parents only knew about my situation when I was 16 which is a bit late, especially if you want to file a law suit. The way I see it is the father wants justice because after all it is his son. Also, molestation amongst children isn’t ‘experimenting’ and it does happen a lot. Care takers are just too slow to intervene because they don’t see the far reaching consequences it can have on children.

    Also, children who are exposed to this behaviour, untaught, can re-behave it on other children, hence why I understand the father’s concern on his some becoming a ‘predator’ since his son did mention wanting that feeling again but not understanding it. Young children don’t understand this behaviour, it isn’t the ‘norm’ of today just because everything else is in the society of today. The only reason why it was uncommon 100 years ago, is because children as young as 4 were normally looked after by their OWN parents, having the ADULT defend their child rather than a 4 year old having such a responsibility on their own shoulders.

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