Netflix Families: Driving To Papa’s House Just Got That Much Easier

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This post was sponsored by Netflix. Netflix Families make summer easier.

Confession: when I drive to Virginia with my girls to visit my dad, I pile the girlpies in the backseat with all kinds of dead-wrong snacks and blankets and techie gadgets I hope will keep them occupied and satisfied for our five-and-a-half-hour drive to Virginia. See, I don’t believe in stopping in random towns to eat or use the restroom with my babies (hey—safety first), so once those doors are closed and Musiq Soulchild, Bilal and Jill Scott start pumping through my speakers, everyone in my car knows to settle in and find their own fun. Back in the day, said fun was found on those stupid, cumbersome portable DVD players. You remember? The ones that had the batteries that were never charged when you needed them? That skipped when you hit a little bump? That attached to the headrest of the front seats with velcro straps that always pulled out at least three big plugs of hair? Don’t even get me started on the mad scramble to fill up the DVD holder with kid-friendly movies.


Let’s just say that when we’re headed to Papa’s house these days, we’re happy, happy, joy, joy that those DVD players are in a Goodwill bin somewhere and the girls are finding their entertainment fun on the iPad (in Lila’s case) and the phone (in Mari’s case)—especially when Netflix is involved. The girls find their favorite shows or a couple movies via the Netflix app and, like, have at it. Be clear: Netflix saves lives on our long drives to Papa’s house.

Netflix LogoWe’ve been Netflix subscribers for years, but I have to say I’m kinda geeked about the new Netflix Families feature, a dedicated section of movies and TV shows for kids ages 2 to 12. Lila and I were introduced to the new feature at a super-cutie gathering of Atlanta bloggers at the home’s Meghan Cooper, who set up an awesome tribute to the old school cartoons featured on Netflix Families, including My Little Pony, The Smurfs, The Care Bears and a Lila favorite, Scooby Doo. (Shout-out to Megan for the Scooby Snacks, the “Pin the Cutie Mark on My Little Pony” game, and, goodness gracious, the Smurf cupcakes, which Lila couldn’t get enough of!)

I learned a couple things about Netflix while I was there, too, namely: a year of Netflix costs less than taking a family of five to two movies; the Netflix Families feature is divvied up into easy-to-navigate sections like Family Movie Night, Are We There Yet, TV for Curious Kids and Show Your Kids the World and Superhero Movies For Teens; we can stream Netflix movies and shows on a range of devices, anytime, anywhere, on practically anything with an internet connection—sans cumbersome, time-consuming downloads and commercials.

Get you some: visit for more great info on the family feature, ways to stream movies on your own devices and videos on how families use Netflix in their own homes.

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Visit for more information on the best ways to stream as well as videos about how other families use Netflix.

This post was sponsored by Netflix. Netflix Families makes summer easier.

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