It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with the Sunday news program, 60 Minutes, but I stumbled on it this past weekend just in time to catch the venerable trumpeter Wynton Marsalis profiling piano virtuoso Marcus Roberts. I’d never heard of Mr. Roberts, and this is the shame of it all. He is genius in so many ways, not just because he’s blind and can murder the keys, but because he is a representation of Black excellence—someone who takes great pride in being the very best at what he does for a living. We sat Girlpie down and implored her to watch—because she’s a musician, because she loves music, because she needs to know that these kinds of musicians exist and excel beyond the Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s and Lil’ Wayne’s of the world. Because she should commit to memory the beauty that is Marcus Roberts.

Press play and be sure to show your children this amazing profile.

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