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I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical
Bunmi Laditan for HuffPost Parents
“A childhood without Pinterest crafts can be magical. A childhood without a single vacation can be magical. The magic we speak of and so desperately want our children to taste isn’t of our creation, and therefore is not ours to dole out as we please. It is discovered in quiet moments by a brook or under the slide at the park, and in the innocent laughter of a life just beginning.”

For Marshawn Lynch & Brown Boys Who Dare to Control Their Own Stories
Britni Danielle for Black Boy Genius.
“Because here’s the thing: Telling your own story is revolutionary.”

I was six when a man first touched me. I didn’t speak up until I was an adult
Rebecca Carroll for The Guardian
“Doug, like most abusers, relied on me not telling. They all rely on us not telling – to save their reputations, avoid consequences, and keep on abusing. Those of us who do tell, who let go of the shame we know we’re supposed to feel, are in such a minority that it enables the rest of you to disbelieve both those that tell and the existence of those who can’t yet. It’s hard for you to imagine being in a group of five women and knowing that one was sexually assaulted. It’s hard for me to believe that we can just go unheard – our experiences unknown – without consequence.”

Detroit Cop Who Killed 7-Year-Old Aiyana Stanley-Jones While She Slept Walks Free
Curtis Bunn for Atlanta Blackstar
“And so, another Black family is left devastated, having lost a child at the hands of white law enforcement for no good reason, and the officer suffering no consequences.
Weekley, 38, was indicted and twice tried in court for the little girl’s death, only to have the juries unable to reach a verdict. Judge Hathaway’s decision to dismiss the felony manslaughter charge was astonishing because the other judges who sat over the case refused the defense lawyer’s request for dismissals.”

Black Doll Show Inspires With Wakandan Heroes And Jazz Superstars
spotted on NPR’s Code Switch
“When are you gonna have an opportunity to walk into a world where you have characters and superheroes that are of color and that little kids are gonna be able to resonate with and feel empowered about?” she says. “You’re not gonna find this at Target.”

‘Friendship Nine’: Convictions Overturned For Famed Civil Rights Protesters
video spotted on NBCBLK

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