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Buoyed by her star turn in the box office hits Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man, Too, and, of course, as the loud-mouthed, street-smart, wise-cracking music mogul/Mama Panther, “Cookie,” in Empire, (a MyBrownBaby fav!), Taraji P. Henson sauntered onto the Saturday Night Live stage as the host this past weekend, and I literally held my breath waiting for Cookie to show up and show out. Sure enough, the SNL writers didn’t disappoint: Cookie showed up and showed out in a Sesame Street sketch. And let me tell you, the Cookie SNL skit slayed.

She talks so greasy to Ernie, she makes him stutter.

She warns Mr. Snuffleupagus to “stop rapping like you from the streets, ’cause you not ’bout this life.”

She refuses a basic tenant of Sesame Street when she refuses to share.

And Lord, Elmo comes up missing, just as Cookie stands there, proudly stroking a fresh new red fur that, curiously, looks just like Sesame Street’s biggest star.

ROFL! Taraji’s “Cookie” is the queen of #nobehavior.

Press play, babies—get you a lil’ bit of this grown folk Sesame Street right here.

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