1. You already know I’m a huge fans of Ta’Nehisi Coates’ work over at The Atlantic. Now comes his new book, Between the World and Me, hitting stores on Tuesday. Check out this stunning excerpt.

Between the World and Me


2. Hollywood’s diversity problem isn’t a new story, but the web series “Every Single Word” addresses the issue in a scathingly brilliant way.


3. Wondering what ‘privilege’ is? This Buzzfeed video has some answers for you.


4. It’s one thing to risk self-expression as a grown-up. A whole ‘nother thing entirely when you encourage your tween to do the same. I’m loving Radical Selfie’s Akilah Richards’ message for parents on how to encourage self-expression in our girls.


5. Meet the Muslim student who’s raised $30,000 to repair Black churches destroyed by fire.


6. Check out these powerful, beautiful images Africans are sharing of their continent to combat stereotypes.


7. This pastor breaks down how the entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.


8. Check out this free stream of Nina “Revisited… A Tribute to Nina Simone,” courtesy of NPR. It’s delicious. Buy a copy of your own here.

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