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Black Ink Crew: The Touching Moment Sky Reveals She Gave Up Her Sons For Adoption At 14

Sky, the most transparent member of Black Ink Crew, came clean about giving up her children for adoption—and we couldn't love her more for her candor.

– Sep 10, 2015

Born Behind Bars: How Separation, Foster Care and Adoption Shaped My Life

An adoptee born in prison remembers the trauma of being taken from her birth mother, and counts the emotional toll it took on her life.

– Mar 5, 2014

Transracial Adoption: A White Mom’s Complex Journey Parenting Black Children

In the continual walk into the bizarre, bittersweet, and complex journey of transracial adoption and parenting... and in learning who I am and what I can become, I’ve evolved into someone so much more than the person the world says I should be.

– Oct 14, 2013

Adoption and ‘The Blood’: Embracing the True Meaning Of Love, Family and the Ties That Bind

I am adopted. It is not something that I choose to focus on or talk about much. Because for most of my life, it has...

– Oct 9, 2012

Pray For Baby Kidnapped Outside Texas Clinic After Mom Killed In Bizarre Adoption Plot

Today, we ask that MyBrownBaby readers take a moment to wish a peaceful journey for Kala Marie Golden, the mother who was shot to death...

– Apr 18, 2012

{Ask the Adoptive Mom} Five Practical Ways Parents Can Prepare For Transracial Adoption

November is National Adoption Month and to advocate for and celebrate a family for every child, MyBrownBaby contributor Rachel Garlinghouse, adoptive mom of two brown...

– Nov 7, 2011

Happy Book Birthday, “Just Like a Mama,” the newest addition to Denene Millner Books

"Just Like a Mama" is on bookshelves today, and author Alice Faye Duncan is using her story to celebrate a long-held tradition in which adoptive, foster care and "fictive kin" share a love and bond with children whom they care for when those babies’ parents cannot.

– Jan 14, 2020

My Birth Mother, My Hero

We give a lot of praise to the parents who adopt children—and rightfully so. But we should also throw flowers at the feet of the birth mothers, too.

– Feb 21, 2018

We The People: Peep the Black Girl Magic In this Powerful Teen Girls Poem

When four Black teen girls get together to write a slam poem about race, transracial adoption, single parent families and skin color, it's Black Girl Magic.

– Dec 6, 2016

For Your Pregnancy Checklist: Genetic Carrier Screening

I didn't have the option when I started my family. But if you're thinking about pregnancy or in the throes of it, Horizon genetic carrier screening should be on your checklist.

– Dec 21, 2015