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Teenager Killed in Florida by Neighborhood Watch Brings Terror To My Heart

By NICK CHILES An African-American family in Florida is still trying to figure out why their 17-year-old son was shot dead by the Neighborhood Watch...

– Mar 8, 2012

NFL Boycott: Why We Won’t be Yelling “Touchdown” on Sundays

This Black mom's 11-year-old son is embracing the NFL boycott, taking a stand for Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee for him.

– Aug 16, 2017

Another Black Boy, Another Senseless Murder When Will It Stop?

Pace University Football Player Danroy Henry, Jr. By NICK CHILES When will it stop? Another innocent black man killed by the cops. This time it...

– Dec 9, 2010

Evil Black Men

  It was supposed to be a simple assignment — a little something to remind the kids about their lesson on adjectives. Magazine and newspaper...

– Feb 8, 2010

Black Boy Swagger, Black Mom Fear

By DENENE MILLNER He’s 6 ft., 250-plus lbs quite imposing next to my 5′ 2 frame and can bench just shy of 300, which means...

– Jan 16, 2009