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Baby Number Three In the Millner/Chiles Household?

A typical conversation on growing children, procreation and being 43, as had this morning, before I got even a sip of coffee into my system:...

– Sep 26, 2012

{MyBrownBaby Redux} Yeah I Ate the Snickerdoodles. And?

[Editor’s Note: I was tooling around the MyBrownBaby treasure chest when I came across this post, written by the hubs two years ago. It STILL...

– Jan 18, 2011

Making Magic: How We Launched Denene Millner Books

It's the little imprint that could. Here, everything you wanted to know about the birth of Agate Publishing's Denene Millner Books.

– Mar 8, 2017

“With This Ring”: Yo! My Book Is A New Lifetime Movie!

The debut of "With This Ring," the new Lifetime movie based on "The Vow," the novel I co-authored with Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller, has me feeling some kind of way. Pass the tissues.

– Jan 19, 2015

Black Students and Summer Slide: How Our Children’s Back-To-School Progress Slows Every Year

Are the lazy days of summer killing the academic progress of Black children? No doubt.

– Sep 8, 2014

Seven Days Of Grateful: Life Is Better Than You Think

My friend challenged me to say what I'm grateful for for seven days. It was easier than this cynic thought.

– Sep 2, 2014

What Black Educators Are Saying About the Effects of Race On Our Sons

Does a white teacher's inability and unwillingness to deal with their own racial biases lead to stressful interactions with black boys? Educators say yes—and then some.

– May 30, 2014

The New Mutants: Black Excellence In the New Class of Black Global Super-Achievers

  By PATRICK A. HOWELL “There is a new class of black super-achievers graduating for the first time.” Mark Penn, “Micro-Trends: The Small Forces Behind...

– Apr 22, 2014

Chris Brown ‘Lost His Virginity’ at 8 and Thinks It’s Something To Brag About. Except It’s Not.

Right, so, this explains a lot: Chris Brown says he lost his virginity at age 8, to a girl who was 14 or 15 years...

– Oct 8, 2013

EBONY’s ‘We Are Trayvon Martin’ Covers: Spike, D Wade, Boris Kodjoe Pay Tribute

Today, we give EBONY magazine a MyBrownBaby salute for tapping Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, Dwyane Wade and their sons, all dressed in hoodies, to illustrate...

– Aug 7, 2013